Saturday, April 12, 2008

Movie Must See's

Me & Hubby took the day off on Friday and hung out with The Girls all day. (it was their last day off from Spring Break)

Later that night we ditched the girls and rented a few movies, picked up a pizza & junk food and headed on over to Himbo's house.

OK! must see movies:
I loved this movie! It was great, it's a bunch of short stories about relationships & love in the city of Paris... Loved it. I don't know if I could choose one story in this movie that I liked the most, they were all fan-tab-ulous!

This movie was funny, lot's of talking, but funny. The point of views of love and relationships in this movie are awesome! Mars Callaghan is a wonderful director and his dialogue in the movie is my favorite. It reminded me of something my hubby would say...aww.

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