Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Playing Hookey.

A couple of weeks ago me & the best Hubby in the whole wide world (**mine**) had a wonderful idea! Play Hookey!

Well technically we didn't just ditch, we asked for the day off.

The day started by shipping the kids off to school, came home crawled back in bed and fall into the best sleep ever. Woke up a couple hours later, got dress, and we were off (or as Himbo would say "off like a prom dress").

It started off with some French Toast at Denny's... (yummy)
While enjoying our lovely breakfast we decided to plan our "mission" for the rest of our day...

The mission was: Catch a movie.

We went to see Leatherheads, I liked it. It was cute, funny, it had a few one-line punches... very "old Hollywood" feel to it, Although I must say Renee Zellweger looked really old in this movie.

After the movie let out we walked around and shopped a little, we picked up cookies from Moondoggies for Blue & Dingy. The Girls were almost out of school so we arrange for Mrs. B to pick them up for us.

Of course since we now have plenty of time to burn we hit The Euro Station for a Strawberry-Banana Crepe and Belgian Fries. I will have to say the Crepe's are delicious but the fries are crap! This was the second time we tried them and both times tasted old and burnt. yucky. But who cares when you have yummy strawberry's and bananas with Nutella and whipped cream right?

Anywho, after eating ourselves silly all day and just running around we made it back home just in time to hear The Girls bitch us out about ditching them blah blah blah... then we retreated to our wonderful haven (our cushy bed) and turned on our TV and watched more movies, while our little slave children rubbed our backs! hehehe ... mission. accomplished.


Stephanie said...

Playing hooky sounds completely lovely. :) As do the crepes! Yum. Nutella makes everything better.

Bon Don said...

Ooh yes I agree! NUTELLA is yummy. I need to get an ice cream maker so I can try to make nutella gelato like Giada from Food Network! hahaha