Friday, June 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance / "Wine Tasting"

It all started innocently enough, Himbo sent out a flyer saying to come over and watch So You Think You Can Dance and sample some wines... We had a yummy spread of snacks to nibble on, my favorite were those marinated olives on the left from Catal, Himbo picked them up from Downtown Disney on the way home from work... they were sooooo good! Mmmmm

We thought this bottle was super cute so it was our first victim. It was actually really tasty! I would get it again, and the cork was adorable too.

This was my view, the world is just not right unless we have Andrea Bocelli playing in the background at Himbo's house... he's really passionate about his singing right Reina?! *wink wink*

These are the cool kids...

Top Row: Reina Bee, Dula Dip, Yvoncey that's me...(pronounced "E-Von-Say"...aka BonDon)

Second Row: And-Dee, Himbo and Sandy (hiding)

More cool kids (cause they are mine... Cindyjo and Jo)

Everything Got quiet when we watch the best dance EVER
This one!
I think we made Himbo rewind it like 8 times! It was so beautiful.
This was my favorite part.

These guys never stood a chance with us around!

The aftermath...

So today we are all complaining that our hair even hurts, but hey we all made it to work...and some of us on time too. There were lot's of pictures of the rest of the night, like Jo demonstrating on Reina how to slam someone on the hood of a car and tell them to not resist arrest... Reina tackling Dula Dip so she wouldn't leave, And-Dee getting so inspired from the show that he started dancing... Sandy playing fashion show and modeling her pretty new dresses... but if you want to see all of that you need to join us next Thursday and experience it for yourself!

Himbo you are a wonderful host, we all had a wonderful night I can't wait till next Thursday!
P.S. Don't leave us Himbo.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prep & Hang Time with Himbo

So yesterday Himbo and I did some running around preparing for tonight's fun plans!
Tonight Himbo will be hosting a T.V. and Wine Night at his house after work, so we had to run over to the other side of OC for some shopping
... I love Ikea
We needed to buy more wine glasses,
it's essential to have plenty on hand to keep up with the cool kids demand of alcohol!

After working up an appetite shopping for glasses and other miscellaneous items we stopped at South Coast Plaza for some dinner... we were really hungry, so we opted for huge servings at Claim Jumper!

Himbo had the Sea Bass and I had the Chicken Parmesan. Dinner was freakin' excellent, sorry the picture came out really bad but I had to hurry and only take one because Himbo would have stabbed me with his fork if I made him wait any longer to take another picture of his food.

After Dinner we hit BevMo and loaded up on lot's of Wine... don't tell anyone but we picked a couple of bottles of wine based solely on the label *giggle*

As we drove home blaring Katy Perry, we both confessed we wanted to crack open a few bottles of wine NOW! But we didn't. Boooo.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Game Show Fans and Players!

So last night I watched Wipe Out and I Survived a Japanese Game Show on ABC and it was funny! I was out of breath by the time each show went to commercial, I was so into it... I was yelling and cheering and just being a dork. Those contestants had stamina! I was jealous.

Then I started reminiscing about Double Dare from the 80's & 90's.

Oh man, I always wished I could be on that show! It was the best...a game show with obstacle courses and slime. I always wanted to pick that giant nose with the slime in it, to look for the orange flag. *giggle*

Being the regressed adult that I am, I always take my daughters to T.V. Show taping's for Nickelodeon like (Slime Time, Just Jordan and Groove Nation) because I always wanted to do that growing up.

Jo is my little choreographer so when Groove Nation sent out a casting call for dancers and audience members the girls were there with dancing shoes on. I wasn't allowed to take pictures there but they were on 2 different shows.

Anyway, it started off as just taking them to being in the audience for Slime Time... to my older daughter Jo making friends with the host Little JJ (he liked her after the show he would hang out with the girls and play basketball and show off for them) then they became phone buddies so he would always put their names on the guest list for future tapings for Slime Time and his new show Just Jordan.

One day Cindyjo got picked to participate on Slime Time and SHE WON!!! It was so much fun and she got Slimed at the end of the show... my dream come true at least for my kids.

Here are some pictures of Cindyjo getting slimed after she won the show.

The pictures are a little weird because I was sitting here with all the other contestants parents who were also stashed behind the set taking pictures from a T.V.

At least I can vicariously live through my girls and pretend to be a game show contestant!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Game Night at Himbo's

Game Night at Himbo's house consists of:


(This is Himbo's living room...cute huh!)

Cheese & Crackers, and Yummy Grapes

Oh Yeah and the Game!

Add some drunk friends to the picture and Oh man it's a fun night!

Himbo is quite the host, last game night we had a wonderful pasta dinner, garlic toast, an apple walnut salad and plenty of Vino!
Himbo is all about ambiance of course, so with Marilyn, Audrey and James Dean looking on. Candle light flickering and Andrea Bocelli playing in the background we were in store for a lovey evening... then the vino kicked in and the decimal octaves in the room went crazy!
Sure we actually attempted to play the game (which is always a fun game) but laughing, talking and drinking seemed way more fun!
The reason I bring this up is because game night is creeping up this week and I can't wait. So I'll be posting some fun pictures for you soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well Wishes and Positive Thoughts!

Last Friday my Uncle "Doobie" got called at 3:00am that he needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible because his new liver was being flown in from another country (they didn't say which country).

Uncle Doobie has been on the organ donors waiting list for a long time and after as few false alarms, it was finally real. We were all super excited for him yet very nervous because having a Liver Transplant is such a serious surgery. After a 12 hour surgery he seemed to be doing well, this weekend he was released from ICU and taken to his own room where he watched the Lakers game and even took a walk around the hospital.

Today my cousin called and said he was having some swelling in his arms, which is concerning because it could lead to blood clots and that is never a good thing, but we will all continue to stay positive and pray for his full recovery!

Love you Uncle Doobie "Hey Now"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is my Cindyjo
a.k.a. "Conceited Daughter"

Cindyjo will be attending her first school dance ever...actually it's her commencement dance. Cindyjo is very excited, last night we did a practice run with hair & make-up. I promise it will be more "put together" for the actual night. It was the best I could do. It was late. I was tired.

Don't get me started on the dress! This was number "7" on our list but she wanted this dress for whatever reason, so we will not say anything bad about the dress. I did enough venting yesterday so I will not ruin her moment... Oh but how badly I wanted the other dress. Oh well... my complaining didn't matter to her anyway, obviously she loved it.

She was posing all night for pictures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Silly Movie Quote

Everybody panic!
If you have a small child, use it as a shield!
They love tender meat.
Jackie Moon - Semi-Pro (The Movie)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cruising In The Driveway

This is my youngest daughter "Cindyjo"
a.k.a "CD/Conceited Daughter".

This is also the daughter who grew a pair of balls and decided she wanted to "drive my car".

So after a nice afternoon of water fights and washing my car with the girls, Cindyjo jumped in my car, started it and turned the radio all the way up.

My oldest daughter "Jo" who by the way, already has a learner's permit (Yay Jo!) turn and looked at me like "no way, she won't drive away" ... Well she did.

She only made it to the end of our driveway and panicked.

Cindyjo sat in the car yelling for me and laughing, wanting me to drive the car back up the driveway for her. So of course any other mother would have jump right in and came to her rescue right? ...well not this mother!

Jo and I just stood there laughing at her, and saying that's what you get... now figure it out! I told her she needed to park my car the way I had it and she better not hit the other car parked in the driveway.

she was scared.

it was funny.

Finally she pulled up the car and parked it (the picture is of her figuring out what gear to put it in) she stayed in the car for about 20 minutes with the radio blaring, thinking she was hot shit for pulling it off...

when she came out of the car I told Jo the soak her with the water hose for trying to jack my car!

Jo did.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Disinfectant Day

I almost forgot how good this stuff is!

Yesterday I was really in the mood to do something about my yucky mildew in the shower, so I ended up recruiting my younger daughter "Cindyjo" to help me out with the lower places that I didn't want to reach for like the soap dish and the bottom of the shower doors.

We went into that restroom fully armed...

gloves. check.
sponges. check.
old toothbrushes. check.
containers for the bleach. check.
We immediately began to see results, everything was just washing away it was lovely. Don't get me wrong my entire restroom needs a renovation regardless! I mean literally knock it down and rebuild... but this will have to do for is just a little brighter now! But I could just slap myself when I think of how much money I spend on expensive household cleaners when I could of just used bleach this whole time...screw "Tilex" and all those other unnecessary cleaners.
Yay Bleach!
My hubby says he loves the smell of a house being cleaned with bleach because growing up in his house that's what they used to really scrub and disinfect everything, I remember my grandma used to always use bleach when she cleaned, her hands would always smell like bleach.

See for me it was Pine-Sol. mmmm

When I was little my Mom would turn on some music and clean, clean, clean. Yup, Etta James, Smokey Robinson and Mary Wells blaring in the background with every window and door open for a nice breeze mixed with the smell of whatever was slow cooking on the stove for that night's dinner. She would sing and dance and clean... Aww man, it feels so good when you deep clean your house and you can just sit and bask in the fruits of your labor, it feels so fresh and relaxing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Girls Night Out.

So last Friday me, cousin Darla & special girl "Chris" went to the movies to go and see Sex and the City!

AAHHH Loved it! Love these bitches! Loved the Labels. Loved it!

We had a blast, our girls night out started off with Darla & Chris coming over to pick me up and let me tell you theses bitches were dressed up to the nines with label whore attire, from the heels to the bag! I opted for sandals (hey they were sparkly) and my Dooney & Burke purse (no Channel for me ...yet) Oh and I even left my hair down, that's all the glam they got out of me!

So we head out to the Block (sheez I know it seems like that's the only place I go, but it's so close) get to the AMC and prepare for a fabulous movie! By the way there are some good looking chick flicks coming out the summer... anyway movie on...applause and cheering for the characters, laughter...tears...more laughter and more over and more applause. so wonderful.

Of course we worked up an appetite while sitting down and watching a movie, so we scurried off to Koji's for some Shabu Shabu and drinks. My Hubby was great and watched all the kids (ours and Darla's... which Darla's are "ours" too since they are our God-children) while we went out so it was only fair he ditch them too and meet up with us for a late dinner (he LOVES Koji's) Dinner was great, it was fun to make Darla and Chris try and use chopsticks! It was so sweet the way they were concentrating, after a while they both got the hang of it and were able to enjoy thier meal...needless to say I think I have some more Koji's partners in crime! After dinner we were to full to have any dessert so we headed home, we agreed to meet back at my house the next day to celebrate "Chris's" birthday (more on that later) It was good hanging out with my bitches!

SIDENOTE: Ok, so I really need to stop doing this! I go days without posting anything, and it's a really bad habit. I get so busy during the day that I can't just sit here and update when I want to and when I have time I'm at home without Internet access! (long story) Anyway I'm going to try real hard to drop in as often as possible from now on... really.... this time I mean it. really.