Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Shopping is Fun!

I talk about this store so much...I swear I do not work here or have any association with this company what-so-ever. I just really like the store. It's just so cute & convenient, I just shop here ALOT.

Yesterday I was taking "Chris" (she spent the night) and The Girls shopping there because Chris wanted to know where to get the Naan bread for her new "pizza" fix. On the way to the store we stopped to pick up Reina Bee. (she needed to get some buttermilk)

*Little background on RB*...
(high energy, various accents and voice impersonations...attention whore)
She's fun & crazy! So basically the minute we walk in the door there is this employee on a ladder and her butt is sticking out while she's stocking the shelves and RB makes a really loud fart noise and says "Bless You"
the employee just looked at us and laughed like
"did she just do that? really?" ... Get the picture now?

So we start making our way through the aisles. RB starts adding her groceries in the cart and I start getting a few things too. The entire time we are in the store we are getting stared at, walked away from and laugh with or "at" however you look at it really!

By the time we go to check out we had a few items in the cart, which none of us seemed to really pay attention too.

When RB was checking out (it's self check out) She had a little trouble with the machine so this employee guy (who we all agreed, wanted himself a little Reina Bee) came to her rescue...when he started scanning her items we all noticed what was in her cart, it went a little something like this:

Tortilla Chips (no salsa)
Banana Baby Food (she doesn't have children)
Vanilla Vodka
Carrot Juice
Bow Tie Pasta Noodles (no sauce)
Pita Bread.

Reina then announced to everyone in the check out lanes that she does not in fact smoke pot, she just didn't realize all the random things she was picking! We were crackin' up! I love random shopping.

*Side Note: Reina Bee, who buys baby food & vodka? Honestly!*


Darla said...

Too funny !I bet you guys were non stop laughing with that crazy broad Reina Bee~

Yua Sista said...

Very funny! silly girlz!

Himbo said...

Himbo was here