Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hidden Treasures?

So the other day my Hubby and I were talking about the T.V. show $40 a Day (with Rachel Ray)

Basically she's a tourist in search of great food. The catch? She's only got $40 a day! She asks locals where to find the best places to eat, she dines everywhere, from crab shacks to brew pubs to five-star restaurants all over the world.

That made us wonder out loud, "Where the heck would WE send people?" Don't get me wrong I like all sorts of restaurants and mom & pop food shops all over Orange County, but to say "OMG! You have to try this place, blah blah blah" that's rare...

Then just yesterday "The Lunch Crew" (the funniest friends ever) we were talking about Reina Bee's hometown... "Sac-Town" and she was saying they have this yummy taco chain called Jimboy's and she had me salivating!

That all got me thinking what hidden treasures do I know of?

Ok well since we are on the subject of tacos, then I think the one place I would recommend for some yummy tacos would be Tito's Taco's (they serve Tacos Al Vapor) it's a little hole in the wall in the middle of the ghetto (Santa Ana) on Harbor Blvd. right next to a bar and a motel... seriously ghetto! I wouldn't have the heart to send Rachel Ray there alone on one of her trips to Orange County, but the tacos are yummy!

Where are all the hidden treasures at? Tell me where yours are please...I WILL SO check them out if I ever wonder through your neck of the woods, I promise!


Darla said...

You forgot to mention Casa Garcia's ! I so HEART that place !

Darla said...

Oh ! I forgot to mention
"Albano's Brooklyn Pizzaria" !
It really is D Lish Ous !

7261 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Yua Sista said...

I love Tito's Taco's, I whine for it every time I come to town and as Darla mentioned Casa Garcia's because what the hell is a sunday morning without their Menudo? I love you sister, I have not talked with you in awhile...I love you VERY much! Here in GA, I love this place called "my neighbor's house" THEY make the BEST FRIED EVERYTHING...corn on the cob -fried, corn in a ball- fried, squash - yup fried! OH and Sweet tea Sweat tea Sweat tea is a must have in GA...I wonder how we all keep are perfectly round figures???