Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Special Girl, "Chris"

So yesterday when I left work, and set out on my horrible seven minute drive home (jealous?)

"Chris" (my Hubby's God-Daughter) called me and said she was coming over because she was passing by our house on her way home and realized she was very hungry. (yes people associate me & my house with food, because where Bon Don is... there is yummy food & Ill feed you!)

Chris: Hi, I wanted to see what you were doing because I want to stop by. I have a migraine and I think it's because I'm hungry. I can go home and eat 3-day old soup or I can come by your house and eat with you guys.
Me: Yeah, come over and on your way pick up a cheese pizza
Chris: Well I just paid all of my bills and it left me broke, that's why I'm coming over to YOUR house!
Me: Ok then I'll see you in a minute... HA! not really, I said
"Whatever you broke a$$ biznach, come over then...and bring me a Dr. Pepper, I know you have at least $2.00!!"
Chris: OK I'm on my way!

So when Chris came over she was fully prepared with a big Dr. Pepper for me and the movie Juno. (I've been wanting to see this movie from day one, I just never got around to it) last night I didn't feel like getting fancy so I made Hubby's favorite "Soggy Chicken" (Chicken & Rice with Cream of Chicken Sauce)
Chris kept me company in the kitchen and started putting in her two cents while I was cooking and it went a little something like this:

Chris: Mmmm, that smells good, how do you make that?
Me: I started steaming the rice already and now I'm just cooking the chicken with some seasonings, and when the chicken is done I add the can of cream of chicken with a little milk and we are done!
Chris: Mmmm, that sounds good.
Chris: I love chicken...Ooo someone should try and cook it with like tomatoes or tomato sauce! That would probably taste good.
Me: ... *staring at her* ... Oh you mean like, Chicken Marinara or Chicken Parmesan? Yes Chris I agree, someone should try and make a recipe like that!
Chris: *laughing* Oh yeah, I was wondering why that sounded familiar...

While we were waiting for dinner to cook I decided to make my Garlic Tandoori Naan Bread that I got from Fresh & Easy... I toasted it a little in my toaster oven then added some Marinara Sauce (also from Fresh & Easy) and topped it with Monterey Jack Cheese, Parsley Flakes and Salt & Pepper. Threw it back in the toaster oven till the cheese melted and served it for me & Chris, she was hesitant because she had never had Naan Bread and thought that the packaging looked weird.

Me: Dude! Cut it out, I wouldn't make you eat something I wouldn't eat...and besides when have I ever steered you wrong?
Chris: ...Ok, it looks good... almost like a little pizza!
Me: Duh, that's why I made it so we could have our pizza fix...just try it
Chris: *eating* Mmmmm THIS IS GOOOOD!!!
Me: I know.
Chris: *after eating two more* Man that was good! And look we saved so much money eating here then buying pizza!!
Me: ... *starring*
Me: No Chris... "YOU" saved so much money eating here, I still had to buy this food!
Chris: *laughing* you know what I mean!
Me: Shut up and go put on our movie now.


Yua Sista said...

I love Crys...OK but seriously I have to be a horrible bratt...she said "I love chicken" she really needed to say that! DUH - you love chicken...and how do you feel about watermelon? on a nicer, kinder note your soggy chicken is the best meal EVER!

Bon Don said...

Umm Yua Sista?...sounds like you are insinuating “Crys” could be a person of color, because she likes chicken? Naughty girl… and for the record Crys says she DOES like Watermelon!

Yua Sista said...

Shocking REALLY! ha ha ha

Darla said...

"Crys" likes ANYTHING !
Havent you seen her trim figure ? I must stop now. ;0