Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Longing for the Beach

So as many of you already know I am a beach junkie!

Anyway, I was just shopping on online for our beach supplies (tents, chairs etc.) because it's starting to warm up and the Hubby and I are all set to start planning our summer weekends.

Last year I actually took the kids to every beach in Orange County AND Long Beach! It was a mission, we decided we liked our favorite beaches the best, Balboa (that's mine) & Newport.

When my God-son "D" visited during the summer we went to the beach everyday when I got off of work. It was AWESOME! We totally had a routine, Drive up. Unload ourselves, Towels, Chairs and Sand Toys. Pick a spot to put our towels down, then run straight into the water.

During the week I prefer Newport Beach, because the waves are much smaller and the kids have access to all the food shops. We would play in the water the whole time, when it was almost time for the Hubby to get home we would head back home in time to have dinner together. I was in heaven.

Now summer weekends are another story! Summer weekends are reserved for the annual "Margo-Taps Family Bon-Fires" at Balboa!

We all load up nice & early in the morning and go save us a pit, we set up our camp ground for the day and relax. Nothing but clear sky's, warm sun, sand, cool water, good BBQ and fun, and come night time we start our fire and let the kids go at it with the yummy chocolate, marshmallows, gram crackers and make their S'mores...

Did I mention I love the beach?


Stephanie said...

Newport & Balboa are pretty fantastic. It just doesn't get much better than the beaches here in Orange County. Balboa's a blast because of all the shops and food places. Hello Balboa Bars! :) And frozen bananas.

Darla said...

Hi Bon Don

Darla Tapz said...

Hey !! =}

Yua Sista said...

D has said about 3 times last week how he wants to have a bon fire at the beach like he does with his "nina"...they don't have that here in GA! Bastards.

Casondra said...

You write very well.