Monday, April 14, 2008


So yesterday afternoon when we woke up out of our sun-poisoning induced coma we were starving! We hit our 2nd favorite joint for Pozole (1st is our house of course) and we grubbed! When we got into the car Hubby said "What are we going to do today?"
Of Course my only suggestion on a hot day would be, "Let's go to the beach!" and to my amazement Hubby said "Ok that sounds good!"
Seriously, unless my little Pyro Hubby gets to lite to Bon-Fire during our Margo/Tapz Family Beach Weekends he doesn't really care for the beach, so you can understand why I had to jump out of a moving car, run into the house to grab towels our beach clothes and paraphernalia (chairs, mats, ice chest, water, sodas) in less than 5 minutes flat so he wouldn't change his mind! We picked up Himbo and headed west!

So we got a wonderful parking right in front..."Do you see how meant to be it was to be there!?" and the minute I set up our crap I made a break for the water.

OMGosh...It. Was. Cold. But oh so wonderful! I did a lot of sitting out in the sun this time, I was trying to tan over my farmers tan I got from the yard sale... It was nice, I was just a little disappointed that the beach was kind of dirty looking and really packed...Oh and don't forget the mother's who let their children run around naked. Come on people that's so NOT cute, I don't feel like being subjected to seeing your kids little piece of skin flapping around in the wind! Who does that? ...Honestly! Buy some swimming trunks!

Oh well other than that it was great to be at my sanctuary, so peaceful.

Himbo ditched us for a little while to go get his shopping fix at Quiksilver...he's a Quiksilver whore. 2 hours & $200 later he came back with a cute T-Shirt and a nice beach towel! Just kidding it was only $100 & change! We loaded up and headed home, relaxed and ready for showers.

I am now 3 shades darker than I was on Friday! My compact doesn't even match, Oh but how I love having a little bit of a sunburn glow to my face...


Stephanie said...

Mmmmm, the beach! How can anyone not ADORE the beach? Looks beautiful, and sounds like you had a good time. It sucks when the beach is crowded though... That's why you need to buy a place and have your own private beach! That easy! ;-) Don't forget to invite me, too!

Bon Don said...

Oh Ms. Stephaine...I wish and yes you'd totally be invited, who else would help me design it right?