Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I was just sitting here thinking about how fast Hubby's birthday will be coming up, which lead to me thinking about a gift that he would like.
Then it hit me!
I know what he wants... Monkey Boots!
Not many of you younginz would remember these but, oh man these were awesome!
My hubby & cousin used to wear these back in the day, which lead me and another cousin to fall in love with these. They were comfy and you could switch them out with your Dr. Martins.
Anyway this just brighten my day when I found them online, I think I want to buy me some too.
Oh but I can't forget the jacket to go with... HAha!

That's all for now, just felt like sharing this random happiness... miss you guys!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ok, I'm all over the map right now. One minute I'm going private the next minute I'm on hiatus, that's right folks Bon Don needs some time off. I'm in a funk and can't get out of it, my mind is a little crazy right now and I'm not really "feeling" much of anything right now.

I think I will stay private for a little longer then eventually go back to public, I might drop in occasionally but for the most part I'll will just continue making my rounds and leaving my two little cents on your blogs! Miss you already