Friday, February 27, 2009

Vacay Part #2 ... Day 2

Let me tell ya, it’s amazing how hard it is to turn off vacation mode!

We had a MARVELOUS time!
Ok now moving right along... it's now the next day (Day 2)
I wake up to water flowing I open the door to this...

And just so you know that it's a real picture,
I made my Momma pose for you... See!?

We hit the road to Cabo San Lucas (Marina)

Jumped on the Catamaran and hit the water for a mini tour.

Beautiful Cabo rocks and I'm not sure if you can make out the Sea Lions lounging on the left side of this picture but they were so cute!

The Famous Arch... UGH! Look at the water! So pretty.

We Whale watched (it looked like this) ...BUT!

I wasn't fast with my camera, so my pictures look like this.

We parked and put on our snorkel gear

Now tell me why I had No Love from the crew?...
everyone else had matching fins...

I had one black and one yellow (so NOT fashionable). Boo
We seen lots of cool fish and coral,

OH! and I think I seen Dori while we were snorkeling, either Dori or a distant relative.
Same difference really.

Here's my sister looking all cute!
Oh and we made friends with those girls
on the top right of the picture they were from Miami & NYC.

My sister is paranoid so she sat right at the edge of the boat to make sure this cute little guy didn't end up taking a swim in the ocean.

This is our Captain "Elvis" feeding the seagulls that followed our boat back to the Marina

I wasn't going to post any pictures of us because we all looked like a hot mess after snorkeling but ahh who gives a sh!t right!? Here's one of Bon Don & her Momma

When we got off the Catamaran we had to get past security!
These little guys were everywhere!
This a my favorite picture because it looks like a post card.

We walked around the Marina, (again) because it's my sister's most favorite place in Cabo.

We hit the mall that was on the Marina...

These art pieces from Sergio Bustamante were all over Cabo

These Cat People sculptures kinda creeped me out

And now I bring you to the Haagen Dazs story...
My sister LOVES ice cream.
She would eat it all day if she could.
I know you're saying, "Well Duh Bon Don who doesn't like ice cream?"
Oh my friends you have no idea how much she LOVES this stuff!
So she keeps insisting we go there because
"Mom really needs ice cream right now"
I say no.
She says "You have to have Dulce de Leche, you just have to!"
I say FINE!
We get there and have ice cream, she is very content now.
She starts saying how she loves this place but doesn't go unless she is taking someone around Cabo, then we proceed to walk out the door and then out of nowhere the manager rushes to the door and says "Thank you senorita Runaway Train, see you tomorrow!"
They know her!! and quite well apparently.
We get out to the car and it's parked right out front never taken away by valet (and we had been there all day) the valet guy knows her name and says "No charge senorita Runaway Train, see you tomorrow!"
You think she's a regular?

We hit the shops for souvenirs, and fight... I mean bargain with the locals

When working up a thirst while shopping, you must hydrate here...

and here! Yummy.

After being properly hydrated we started back to the Marina in search of Fish Tacos, then I seen my little poopsie "Blue" ... or at least I wanted it to be her, but it wasn't.
See the resemblance? No?
Oh well it wasn't my poopsie... it turned out to be a Xolo
read HERE all about them, they are very interesting.

So we made it back to Captain fish and grubbed!

and hydrated...

Mmmm Coconut Shrimp...

and "ta-da" Fish Tacos

Oh and of course our views...

What a lovely day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Technical Issues

I've been trying to download my pictures from my trip since yesterday and for one reason or another, I just can't.

So instead of finishing my post I will go and catch up on your blogs today!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vacay Pic's Day 1

Hello everyone, I'm here in Cabo! Woo Hoo!
I'm just going to post a few pictures for now because it's been a long day
and Bon Don is soooo sleepy now.
Lovely sister/tour guide Picked me up from the Aeropuerto!
Honey we're home!

Backside view of my sisters booty (you're welcome)
... oh and the entrance to the Casa!

This is one view from our bedroom

I brought my Cupcake loving sister a Cupcake from Disneyland, to bad I wasn't fast enought to take the picture before it was inhaled.
WE went out to this cute little restaurant in town, I had the biggest steak... Mmmm

Then I hit the pool.

Ok, Catamaran tomorrow & Snorkeling... I must sleep now.
G'd Night!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Have Caved and I'm Leaving!!

First of all, I know I just made a big deal about it… But I caved.
I signed up for Facebook. So far I’ve been on it 1 time. I’m really not got at this networking stuff.
And finally… YAY got my passport in the mail!
Now don’t get me wrong I’ve been “International” I traveled BEFORE the crack down on having an actual passport was being enforced and I was able to slink by only using my birth certificate & driver’s license.
Alright, alright maybe not international but rather
I’ve visited our two fine border neighbors “Canada” (Montreal to be exact)
& Cabo San Lucas Mexico before.
I totally missed out meeting up with Far & Mich for Far’s B-Day Bash this past January because I had yet to get my passport, I know Boo me right?
Now that I have that magic little book I must use it to the fullest.
Side Note: Oh my gosh l have to tell you what I told my Hubby! See he hates flying and refuses to go to Cabo with me unless we are on a cruise ship. So I said, “Hey Babe… you know now that we have our passports we have to use them in the next 60 days or they will be null & void!”
He looked at me, laughed so hard and said
“If I was stupid that would have been a good one! Good try though it was funny”
UGH!! Why must he hate flying?
I called my sister Runaway Train to tell her I finally have my passport, and she already booked me a flight out for this weekend.
That’s right I’m heading out to Cabo baby, I will be back next week!
She emailed me my itinerary already,
so far we are going on a large Catamaran…
snorkeling… whale watching… visiting some beautiful small town…
going to eat the best Sushi in the entire world
(big plus on that, I don’t “do” seafood so we’ll see how that works out for me)
going to Cabo Wabo of course and best of all we are getting a “stone massage”
she said they don’t really throw the stones that hard at you so I should be fine! *wink*
Miss me lot's ok! ...Oh and I'll post from Cabo so you can be on a virtual vacation too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fat Girl Moment

These are from a fabulous farmers market
where they sell the most delicious little bundt cakes!

Hubby brought me these little pieces of heaven
about 3 weeks ago and I've been jonesing for one ever since.

I've had to kick them cold turkey after only one little taste because the Farmers Market is only open on Thursdays and it just so happens that it was raining these last two weeks every freakin' Thursday! Ugh.

But not this Thursday!... Hubby & I hit the market and loaded up on these little guys and freshly baked breads, dried fruit and fresh produce, let me tell you I have been picking them off one by one sniper style! yummm

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's been a blogger meet up kind of month!

As you already know I met up with some cool kids on Friday (see previous post)
Well this time I finally met another BBF (blogger best friend) She Bloggs!
"Ms. S" had planned a trip down here to So Cal to visit her BFF "Ms. Court" and mentioned it in her blog, I told her if she was in the neighborhood we should met up... well we did!!
Of course the usual suspects... I mean drunks... I mean BFF's were there,
Ms. Dula Dip and Mr. Luxurious himself Himbo

We waited at the bar for them to arrive and ordered a few refreshments...

Quick Side Note: Ms. She Bloggs doesn't have pictures of herself up on her blog so I'm not going to post any of her without her permission... but just take my word for it she was there!

As soon as they arrived it was on!

Of course they settled in and joined us in a refreshing libation... or two or four. Whatever

Let me tell you, there were Spa Tini's, Berry Drinks, Shots and wonderful conversation flowing all night! There was never a dull moment, we laughed so hard and had a BLAST!

We all decided that we were hungry and busted a mission to find somewhere to grab a bite to eat, unfortunately everything "decent" was closed. I know, I know... Orange County kind of sucks on a Monday night. Right!?

We ended up settling at TGIFriday's ready to grub!

Oh wait... this is the picture "with food"...

We decided that blog world is the best invention ever because we would have never met such awesome new friends. We called it a night and stumbled home early the next morning ready to wake up and go to work a few hours later, we were sad that we didn't meet up sooner because I'm SURE we would have ran a muck around town together!

Miss you already She Bloggs, and Court... give us a call soon we have a waffle date right!?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

B-Day Bash & Weekend Update

Its official, Gabby is my Life Partner in Cupcake Matrimony.
Not only can the girl bake cupcakes like nobody’s business,
she is a blast to hang out with and the girl can drink!
And those my friends, are very important qualities to have in my opinion.

Friday Night (Gabby & Angel’s B-Day Celebration):
Hubby comes home from work feeling sick. Uh oh. He went to lay down for a minute and gather his strength for the night, while we waited Himbo, Dula Dip & I had a few drinks to get warmed up for the night.

We get to the bar and meet our new BFF’s in the flesh, there were smiles… introductions… hugging… hand shaking (for the fella’s)
… ass grabbing, wait that was just me.

Whatever, it was fabulous!

Blogger Best Friends in attendance for the birthday bash were as follows:
Gabby, Angel, Baxter, Russ… and I believe almost everyone in the bar were friends of the birthday kids… we met wives, friends, friends of friends, and our new friend Linda who we met because she loves being in random peoples pictures and jumped into one of ours.

Just all around awesome people!

We toasted and had yummy birthday shots…

Russ had an instant fashion connection with Dula Dip,

they both rocked rings that apparently had super hero powers

or at least that what they said…

Baxter immediately jumped on stage... like the Rockstar he is and put on quite a show for us.

A little while later Gabby & Angel both dazzled us with their amazing vocal skills a sang a beautiful rendition of “I Got You Babe”

The next thing I hear was “Oh the Cupcakes are here” then things got a little fuzzy, I immediately zoned out and focused solely on those beautiful little pieces of heaven heading my way, as you can see I wasn’t the only one loving the cupcakes…


As I was busy blabbing away, and stuffing my face my poor Hubby was not doing so well, I went back to check on him and he was burning up.

We decided we better head on home and let Hubby get some rest, unfortunately we didn’t party till closing time, but we all made plans to definitely do it again.

(Dula Dip - Himbolicious - Bon Don)

Saturday (V-Day):
Hubby & I both agreed to skip the V-Day hype and opted to stay in PJ’s all day and watch movies, hang out with the girls and cuddle with Blue (Hubby's spoiled Chihuahua). Hubby was still feeling under the weather so it worked out great. We watched movies, slept and I even caught up on every single one of your blogs! Yay me

Sunday & Monday:
Are each a post in it's self and will be posted tomorrow.

Highlights include, making new friends, learning the booty bounce, meeting up with another BBF (Blogger Best Friend) She Bloggs!! and having a fabulous Monday Funday!