Monday, October 5, 2009

Just felt like sharing

"I'm On It!"
Music to my ears...or eyes!
I have awesome friends.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Catch You Later Hims...

So a few things have change significantly around Bon Dons world. One of the changes has to do with one of my best girlfriends...Himbo.

Most of you know Himbo is "luxurious" and he just loves LA, everything from old Hollywood to West Hollywood is just his thing. The love he has for this unique city had lit a fire under his well exfoliated booty and prompted him to find a new place and job.

I guess Himbo has been held behind

for too long and needed to venture out to the big city in search for some more refined, sophisticated, cultured lady friends like these ones....

We are all so happy for our luxurious friend but of course we will miss him. I especially will miss that Hubby & I would call him at 4am and ask him to have breakfast with us because we were bored and hungry and he would pretend he was fully awake and then be ready to go!

Even though I would bitch him out for being a pain in the ass carpool buddy, I'll miss him making fun of Reina Bee at lunch. I think my mom is even worse off then me because now she will not be able to sneak in those fabulous cups of coffee he would make her.

I know it seems like he has moved out of state the way I'm talking but it was just so convenient to visit him because he lived right down the street from me and we also worked together so he was always within reach (literally) and now it will only be once in a while we'll get to hang out until he gets fully situated in his new surroundings.

On the bright side of things when we do visit the luxurious one you all will benefit from our LA hijinks and stories right!?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Lately I've been quoting every teen movie script out there all day to Dula Dip via G-chat. "I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M's and like 3 pieces of licorice."

Lately I've thinking of a vacation, somewhere...anywhere.

Lately I've been craving Fall and Winter.

Lately I've developed a slight case of narcolepsy during the day, because my addictive personality has been consumed with Yoville and I don't sleep anymore.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peek -a- Boo

So much has happen during our time apart, but first things first...

I want to confess that am a Yoville addict.

All joking aside I'm bad! I have been completely consumed with this game. It got to the point were I had to clear out all my friends on Facebook because all I was posting was Yoville crap and I figured no one wanted to see all my garbage posts all day long, so now i have officially created my 'Bon Don" page on Facebook. So please come find me if you have a facebook I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with all of you again. bondoncupcake@gmail is the email address for my new Facebook account.

Oh and I've mentioned that work has blocked access to blogger, so that means I have to run straight home and reply to comments and start getting back out there to your bloggs...
miss you all!

With Love,
Bon Don

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So I lied last time when I said "I'm Back" ... don't get me wrong I planned on it but then things just didn't work out that way. I still read blogs I just can't comment on my favs during the day (work blocked blogger access) and by the time I get home I have a lot going on and a new Yoville addiction that I just don't log onto blogger anymore. I thought I would just drop out of blog land forever but I decided against it because blogging is so therapeutic for me and now more then ever I think I need it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dining Al Fresco!

So I was rummaging through my pictures and I came across this one of my backyard.

I love having a nice dinner outside every once & awhile so I pretty up my backyard with twinkle lights everywhere (don't judge me) and the kids set the table with my "guest are coming dinnerware" and we have a fabulous dinner.

I threw away this patio set because I need to up grade to at least a six person patio set, now I'm stuck with beach chairs. Yup that's right me & my bright ideas, I figured I wouldn't act quickly if I already had a set so that would light a fire under my big ass but No! it didn't.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Baaack

Missed you guys!
So not much was missed on the home front here,
I went on a blog hiatus during my "private time"
and didn't feel like doing much, so don't feel too out of the loop.
All I'm up to now is prepping the house for my 4th of July guests that will be invading my house tomorrow, AND I get to see my God-Son "D" and hang out with him for a little while before he ships out to Military School. So I look forward to spending some QT with my monkey (I call him My little monkey even though he's 13 now, but not in front of "cool kids" I know better than that!) , hanging out at the beach and possibly having to play Xbox with him if Hubby isn't home!
I hope you all have a fun & saf....aww who am I kidding?
Have a drunken rampage weekend for me, since I will be too busy hosting and chasing after everyones kids during my holiday weekend
...but yes be safe too :)
Love, Bon Don

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I was just sitting here thinking about how fast Hubby's birthday will be coming up, which lead to me thinking about a gift that he would like.
Then it hit me!
I know what he wants... Monkey Boots!
Not many of you younginz would remember these but, oh man these were awesome!
My hubby & cousin used to wear these back in the day, which lead me and another cousin to fall in love with these. They were comfy and you could switch them out with your Dr. Martins.
Anyway this just brighten my day when I found them online, I think I want to buy me some too.
Oh but I can't forget the jacket to go with... HAha!

That's all for now, just felt like sharing this random happiness... miss you guys!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ok, I'm all over the map right now. One minute I'm going private the next minute I'm on hiatus, that's right folks Bon Don needs some time off. I'm in a funk and can't get out of it, my mind is a little crazy right now and I'm not really "feeling" much of anything right now.

I think I will stay private for a little longer then eventually go back to public, I might drop in occasionally but for the most part I'll will just continue making my rounds and leaving my two little cents on your blogs! Miss you already

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MY Horrible Morning

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, actually my little punching bag thing in the back of my throat was swollen. I was drag ass didn't feel like coming into work as it is. I took my time had breakfast, bullshitted with my Hubby then off to work I went.
My mother needed my car to go to a doctors appointment so she was driving me to work, we turn down the street and it was almost in slow motion the way everything went down.
I look over to my left and see this beautiful pure white American Eskimo dog playing in the front yard with two men, the little guy is in a pounce stance, gets up, twirls and runs in a circle... he runs back to the men and repeats this, it's the cutest thing.
The last time he does this he runs off the sidewalk into the street at the same time this stupid bitch is speeding through the street. I see the car, I see the dog, they meet at the exact same time. I see blood flying and the dog go down. The stupid bitch picks up speed and hauls ass out of there. I screamed to my mom I couldn't see this, keep driving... I look back and the older man is just staring in disbelief that his dog is just laying there, my mom said "she didn't stop!" I said follow them!
We follow them, mind you they are speeding. We ending up seeing them turn in the Home Depot parking lot, I call 911 and tell them what happen and that we followed them into the parking lot, they take down my name and phone number. I see a man get out of the passenger side door smoking a cigarette and head into the store the woman is driving around the parking lot looking for a spot.
My phone rings, it's Animal Control. I repeat the story and then the man informs me that it is not against the law to hit & run an animal (domestic or wild) it is in fact the OWNERS fault for not having the dog on a leash, he told me the police were probably not going to come after all and I should just leave.
WTF!! Are you kidding me!!???
I get off my car take my camera take a picture of the blood stains on her car, her license plate and walk up to her window and take one of her. I walk around and bang on her window so she can open it. I see her take off her seat belt and she opened her door...I simply helped her out of her car with her clothes tightly scrunched in my hand and prop her up against the car besides us so I can see her at eye level apparently my voice gets pretty loud when I'm angry because people were coming in our direction, I let her down and kept yelling at her. All she said was "I don't know what to do" I said "You should have stopped your car and checked on the dog and his owner! Now go back and see what you can do, have some morals and respect you stupid piece of shit...I took all of your information down and called the Police already" she got on her cell phone and started yelling at who ever she was talking to, I didn't understand her she was speaking in Vietnamese.
As we were walking away people were staring at us and so my mom pointed at her and said "she's a hit & run driver!!" that made everyone stare at her in disgust and give her dirty looks. It made me feel better. After my mom dropped me off at work with swollen eyes from crying, she went back to the scene of the crime. Animal Control picked him up and took him away, apparently it was not the mans dog after all, he was just a friendly little guy that wanted to play. He did have a collar on, and the man said he was still trying to pick up his head when Animal Control got there.
My mom called the shelter and they said he's actually doing fine and his injuries my not be life threatening. I was so relieved because it looked so awful, I thought he was dead. He has four days to see if his owners claim him if not they will try and adopt him out, we will keep checking on him to make sure he's ok.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Terminator

So it's 4:00am and I'm wide awake.

Why you ask?

Oh let me tell you why!

(ex-blog-ebrity) Mz. Tapz called me up and asked me out on a date, she wanted to go to a midnight screening of The Terminator at our fun movie theater that serves booze. I am not one to turn down a fun movie night with booze so I rounded up the posse (BDC & Himbo) and off we went.

The night starts out fine we get there with time to kill so we hit the bar get our drinks and bullshit in the lounge. (Oh and the best part was seeing these people getting out of one of the theaters wearing pajamas and robes... that is so my wardrobe next time!)

Anyway sorry back to my point...
so we pick our seats, sit back and relax right?


I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that I don't do Horror or Action movies, yeah that's right I'm a wuss with movies. I just don't like the feeling of being scared or all pumped up worried about a character in a movie. Well this f*cken movie has me jumping out of my seat a few times! Even Himbo screamed a few times...well wait that's not really a good example, because Himbo is not exactly the hard core type.

Regardless I was on edge for 2 hours straight
and now my little heart is still pumping
and my over active imagination is thinking my laptop will kill me.

That's what I get for being a sucker for comfy seats and booze.

Friday, May 15, 2009

We Tasted Anaheim!

Yesterday the city of Anaheim hosted their annual

"Taste of Anaheim"

This event is for all of the restaurants and hotels in the area to showcase and advertise the goods! There are lots of booths that give away free food samples, drinks and little give away stuff (keychains...candy etc. etc.)

This year it was held across the street from Disneyland at our newest "outdoor" shopping mall. I love this place because it has a fabulous movie theater that has a 21 & over side which includes your very own leather lazy-boy chair and a BAR so you can drink while watching a movie! You know without having to sneak it in ghetto style.
(you know you've done it)

The "mall" also has yummy restaurants, lots of awesome stores and a really nice bowling alley. Actually, when She Bloggs came to visit me we took her & "C" there and drank yummy Spa'tini's and Gummi Bear Shots...ahh good times!! Miss you She Bloggs...

Crap, where was I??
Oh yes the event!

It was so much fun...
Here are a few shots of some of the booths and crowd.
(mind you this was just the back area of the place)

The whole mall participated,
all the shops had awesome sales...

There was even a group preforming they were called

"The Oreo Divas"

I Swear!!
We hit up ALL the booths and grubbed!
There were yummy samples everywhere...

There were Geisha Girls There was cool kids...
(Where's Hubby's hand?)

There was posing for the camera!...
No never mind that's just how we stand around.

There were wine stickers!!
(lucky Hubby got to put these on Dula Dip, I just made sure to smooth them out for her)

Himbo! Another shot?? Really?

There were (not so) hot Miller girls!
(I think they were on stilts or 10 inch heels, same difference really!)

There was a cat-walk...umm scratch that,
it was just Dula & Himbo pretending there was one...

There was buzzed up Bon Don's...

Oh and cool cakes that Hubby's friends store makes!!
These are obviously my favorite ones.

There would have been more pictures
but the photographer was busy eating, drinking and being merry.

Have a wonderful weekend my BBF's!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Umbrella's & Breakfast

Ok the title of my post has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but Dula Dip walked by and I said "Give me a random title for my post" and she said "I don't know why I just thought of Umbrella's & Breakfast" so there you have it!
I was tagged by Elin at Hooper: Gen Z
to do 'My 8 Favorite Things'.


I will shorten my answers to 2 each,
which will end up equalling out to 8 total...Ta-da!

2 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. The premiere of "So You Think You Can Dance"! We always get together at Himbo's house and have lot's of yummy wine & food like this, but this time we all took the next day off of work so we can really get out of hand!

2. Washing my bedding tonight so it can smell like "Downy Febreze Spring & Renewal" it's heaven on earth really.

2 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Wasted 9 hours of my life. Went to work. G-Chatted with my East Coast Daughter Nickie, and tried to convince Himbo to stop being a vegetarian and eat a wiener, I mean a hot dog. Oh and pissed of my sister some how?
2. Gave my daughter a lecture about "stretched out holes on girls are NEVER good" (she wants a bigger gauge size in her ear, yuck)

2 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Fast Forward my life to pay days & the weekends ... then Rewind and do it all over again!

2. Have the powers to convince my Hubby to fly that way we could vacation to far away places, so I don't have to keep going alone. *violin playing in the background*
2 Shows I Watch:

1. Right now, nothing. Baseball is on so that means it's baseball & ESPN 24 hours at Bon Don's

2. BUT I will be watching SYTYCD!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fat Girl Moment

Banzai Teryaki Burger from Red Robin with Garlic Fries!

Don't mind's 1am and I have the late night munchies
By the way I know I have to post...
and I'm working on that,
but can we please stop with the hate mail already!?? Desert Rat

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mini Sirloin?

Isn't she sweet!?
This is our spoiled brat Blue.

Sure she might be a little on the chunky side but it's not cool that her own Gramma says she looks like these little cows and then sings this song to her everytime she walks into the room!!!

What a mean gramma!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Quickies

  • I would like to apologize for the over use of the word "Doll" when I address some of you girls, there is a girl who over uses a certain "phrase" every f*cken time she sees me and it drives me bat shit insane and I realized I must sound the same way with "Doll" and for this I am truly sorry!

  • Love the fact that 30 (somethings) still take the walk of shame the next morning, we still got!

  • When 8 double shots of Tequila, 9 bottles of Corona and two pitchers of Margaritas are being consume in one night by 1 Bon Don, and only have the smallest buzz going... it might be time to relax on the weekend parting.

  • Seeing my Hubby all giddy and blabbing away like a school girl all night talking to his BFF he hasn't seen in 13+ years was the cutest thing ever!

  • Being a little less obvious when I don't really care for a person would probably be the nice thing to do... when someone asks me who that girl is, I shouldn't look at her and respond "a f*cken wreck that's who!"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Captive in the Kitchen

Yes, you heard right...
Bon Don is being held captive in the kitchen tonight!

Ok, I might be exaggerating just a tad.

But I did choose to stay home tonight and make salads.

Tomorrow we are having Fight Night here at our house
and I wanted to make the salads ahead of time.

I made this Cottage Cheese Dip

(BTW these pictures don't really do these salads justice)

Pasta Salad...

and Macaroni Salad.

While Hubby & The Gang were out at our usual weekend hot spot
I was home hanging out with Fo Fo...

This is Fo Fo!

Wondering what Fo Fo is yet?

She's my God-daughter, and that is her hair my friends!

Watch out Himbo... She just might take your "Luxurious" title.

We watched Hubby & Fo Fo's parents partying up a storm via web cam, our hang out went techy and has a live cam feed. So not only did we feel like we were partying with them we can even join the chat room, Runaway Train was on the chat tonight and we had way too much fun causing trouble, we had the crowd screaming and cheering on Que, we gave lot's of shout outs to our favorite Karaoke Stars...Good Times!

After Fo Fo & I worked up an appetite from watching all the partying and chatting we spotted Jo-shmo's cupcakes she made for Fight Night... she left them un-frosted to discourage anyone from trying to sneak one.

Well I'll tell you it didn't discourage us at all, we picked off 3 then turned the container around so Jo-shmo wouldn't see them right away,
I'm so slick!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pimping Myself!

Hello all my BBF's!!
Bon Don here, to ask for your loving support.

Blogger Choice Awards 2009! Are in full effect... I am up for three awards (YAY!)
(Hottest Mommy award is obviously a joke, but f*ck it I'll take it)

Please vote for your favorite Bon Don as soon as possible
...sheez I hope I'm the only one you know.
(click on the Blogger Choice Buttons to the left)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

*UPDATE* Urgent Decision To Be Made Need Your Help ASAP!

Ok just so we are all clear,
it's a brand new car (2010 Ford)
verses a used car (2006 Acura)...

Here she is...

Still the Acura?

Ford Fusion 2010...or Acura TL 2006?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Loves It...Loves It Not (# 2)

Bon Don Loves It:
Peeling the paper off of the biodegradable cups at work when I'm bored... (Before & After shot *reversed*)

Bon Don Loves It Not:

When Hubby watches "American Pimp" and starts "number crunching" because we should totally be in the pimp business and get at least 5 hoes!

Bon Don Loves It:
When Hubby's at the store and I text him "Doom Gada Umm Gada" and he knows what I'm taking about and buys me juice.

Bon Don Loves It Not:

When people are attached to their phone and constantly texting or updating their status on Twitter & Facebook about how much fun they are having at that moment... I don't get it, because if you are having so much fun what the f*ck would posses you to stop what your doing and text?

When I'm having fun I can't even remember what I'm doing at that very second let alone stop what I'm doing to tell everyone about it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm It.

I was tagged by my BBF Lana over at "The Kids Did What" to do a meme that I actually have not seen before!

I'm to come up with a list of 10 of my favorite film characters (Not favorite movies!) and why I think they are cool. Then I am to tag 5 other bloggers to do the same.

Here goes my list...

Dr. Evil
Because I have had a crush on him since FOREVER, and he was the inspiration for my blog title.

Mary in Party Girl... I love anything Parker Posey
Because when this movie was released it reminded me of myself at that time, plus Parker is my favorite actress.

Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction
Because he's a "Bad Motherf*cker"

Frankie from Dream for an Insomniac
Because she's annoying and very "wordy", and it's one of my favorite movies.

Regina George in Mean Girls
Because "oddly"... I can totally relate to her.

Derek Huff in Step Brothers
Because he's an asshole.

Cher in Clueless
Again one of my favorite movies see THIS POST, for my favorite quote.

Miranda Preistly in The Devil Wears Prada
Because she so cool and calm with her insults.

Etta James (Beyonce) in Cadillac Records
Because she has been my favorite singer since I was a wee little Bon Don.

Daniel Bateman #56 in The Replacements
(skip to 6:08/9:21)

Ok so now my turn to tag back, I'd like to think of it as payback!

Himbo "My Hair is Luxurious"
because no ones hair should be that luxurious!

Nickie "Learn to Fly" for tagging me

"Runaway Train" for not visiting me this weekend as planned. I hatechu for life.

"She Blogs" for ditching me in blog world for the last week & a half.

and any of you lovely folks who care to take the challenge! I can wait to read every ones responses...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Shaking, Baking & Picture Taking

So this pasted week in The OC it has been a little dramatic and temperamental.

First we had a heatwave that was just annoying. It was about 100 degrees out of nowhere for about three days. So miserable, hot and sticky. This was very inconvenient for me especially because our backyard & pool is not up to Summer standards at the moment.

It also didn't help that our neighbors rubbed it in our faces how bad we had it, they were splashing and laughing and having a grand old time in their pool while were were all stick inside our bedrooms trying to cool down with the AC blasting. Those Bastards!
Then out of nowhere this happens:
Four notable earthquakes have occurred in the Chino Hills, just north of Yorba Linda, since 4:56 p.m. today, greatly accelerating a swarm that was called 'curious' and 'unusual' last week by one of Southern California's top seismologists.
The shaking began at 4:56 p.m., with a 3.8 quake. The latest shakers came at 8:27 p.m., when a 4.0 quake occurred, followed one minute later by a 3.0 in basically the same spot. And there was a 2.5 quake at 9:04 p.m.

It's unusual for a smaller quake to be followed by a second quake slightly larger in magnitude. However, seismologists say such things happen, and it doesn't necessarily mean that a much larger event is imminent.

Yeah Yeah I know they weren't "that big" but when you're stranded in the restroom as I was at work ... not so much fun I tell ya. I came home and was telling Hubby and my Momma that I was stuck in the restroom and they both were too! Too funny!

So there you have it folks, you now have an accurate timeline of when Bon Don had to tinkle yesterday!

Now on to the picture taking, I almost forgot I had been tagged by my East Coast Daughter Nickie at Learn To Fly can you believe she wants me to take a picture of myself right at this very moment!!?? No primping or nothing!

Who would think of such a horrible thing?

Oh my goodness ok here it goes,

let me just say you're so lucky that I put on some sort of make-up today people!

Here's work Bon Don in all her glory...

Now I tag YOU!

(or whoever would like to participate, I'm not pushy)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

No... Wire... Hangers!!!

So Bon Don had to get a little Joan Crawford today.
Ok well maybe not this extreme...

But I did have to lay down the law!
See I know that "the style" nowadays is form fitting skinny jeans,
I even like these clothes and think the style is very cute...
See I still know what's "cool" I'm not a total square.
However, I don't think that my teenage daughters need to be showing off the goods with tight jeans and tight blouses.
Now let me clarify...
They CAN wear either one of these articles of clothing...
just not together!

My girls have very shapely figures for being so young and often get mistaken for being older than they are, so to allow them to wear certain "styles" of clothes together is out of the question.

My rule is, if you are going to wear skinny jeans then your top better not be tight, and if your wearing a tight blouse or baby-tee then no skinnys...
you get the point.

Well this morning my daughter Cindyjo was in a hurry to get to school early and finish a project so she threw on clothes and off we went.

I noticed what she was wearing when we were in the car and I told her, "Didn't I tell you not to wear tight on tight?"

Cindyjo said "I didn't even notice,
I just grabbed clothes cause I was in a hurry. I'm sorry"
(which in her defense I did rush her and seen that she just pulled clothes off a hanger)
I told her to call her sister who was still at home and tell her to bring her a T-shirt when she got to school, she called her sister made arrangments and I thought the issue was resolved.
(This is Cindyjo)

Well I got home today and asked Cindyjo,
"Did Joshmo bring you shirt to change into today?"
CindyJo said "No she forgot to bring one"
I said "Really!"
"ok change into the clothes you wore today,
come into my room show Dad what you had on at school"
I heard her little heart skip a beat.

She came back in the room and we told her we didn't want her to
"forget" the clothing rules again,
so we were going to resolve this by eliminating the problem.
Hubby told her to get some scissors
and then take the first snips into her clothes...
We told her to change and bring back the clothes so we could finish the job, you know spilt them up the middle of the pant leg to ensure they would not try to be salvaged...
We even threw in the
"had your sister brought you a shirt, you'd still have your jeans"
(let them fight that one out)
We told her that if this ever happens again "and she forgets about our dress code" bye bye True Religion, R&R & Ed Hardy Jeans!!
(The jeans are hanging in the closet to "remind" her)
*No children were harmed during this dramatization*
She took it like a champ, we ALWAYS follow through on our threats.
She kept giggling to make sure she didn't cry, she really like those pants.
oh well.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been going through my older posts tonight, I
thought I'd share an oldie with you in case you haven't read this one...

Gotta Love Those Random Drug Tests
After my story yesterday about my little "outburst"
and this next story I'm about to tell you,
you may get a bad impression from me & my Hubby...
just try not to hold it against me.*giggle*

In our defense, we are not always so... umm...
what's the word I'm looking for? ... mean?
Ok we'll go with "mean", we are not mean people but honestly
sometimes people can just annoy you to a point of no return!

So my Hubby's job requires random drug tests like most companies do,
but because of his profession he is not even allowed to have alcohol in his
system even if he works the next day.

Yes, I know pretty strict, sometimes it sucks.

Anyway yesterday Hubby gets called in to the clinic to take a drug test,
which is totally fine because Hubby obviously hasn't been drinking
and definitely doesn't have any dope in his system.

Hubby arrives at the clinic and only see’s the janitor cleaning the lobby, the janitor tells Hubby that the little nurse man is probably out back smoking a cigarette and he’ll go and get him. Hubby’s not really in a hurry at this point but thanks the janitor and off he goes.

Little nurse man comes back inside reeking of smoke looking a little annoyed that he was disturbed during his smoke break and hands Hubby a cup to piss in and says
“fill it up to this line”

Hubby had just taken a break about 15 minutes before he was notified to take his drug test so he doesn’t really have to go at this point, but he tried anyway and got close enough to the “line” he was supposed to reach.

Well now little nurse man takes the cup and has to fill up two separate vials, he's pours the first one and spills. Little nurse man seemed to be irritated because this happened. Now he's attempting to fill the second one but he doesn't have enough "liquid" to fill it.
Had he not spilled the first one he could have totally filled the second one! So what does little nurse man do? He spilled out both vials and hands Hubby a new cup and says
"Do it again!"
Hubby's starting to get a little upset with little nurse man
and tells him a thing or two about his attitude
and how it was his fault for spilling the goods.
Now Hubby has to drink his weight in water and sit there for about an hour, when finally he's ready to go. He tells little nurse man he needs a cup and little nurse mans says,
"Now "YOU'RE" going to have to wait!" all snooty.
Really little nurse man?
You dare challenge Bon Don's Hubby!
Little nurse man finally gives Hubby the cup and tells him
not to turn on the water faucet to wash his hands until
after he brings the cup back to him.
So Hubby knows
he can't knock out little nurse man for being an asshole
of course Hubby has more sense than that to jeopardize his job,
but it wouldn't be right if little nurse man felt all
high & mighty for being a little punk right!?

Now what does Hubby do?

Well being awesome and vengeful like his dear wife (me) his pisses in the cup (to the line)
then proceeds to piss all over the outside of the cup all over his hand to the point where there is piss everywhere...

then walks over and places it right on little nurse man's desk
with a piss ring and piss dropping onto the desk.
Washes his hands and tells little nurse man to have a good night.

Yup that's my man!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Text From My Sister In-Law

I need a favor...
I'm in jail!
They charged me with being the ugliest fucker in America, come down and show them that they have the wrong person!
* I need a good come back for her! Help me out guys*

Conversation Between A Husband & Wife

Hubby: Hey Wife this is your husband! *sounds very anxious*
(he really said this as his introduction)

Me: What's up "husband"? *
wondering why hubby sounds anxious*

Hubby: You know those rechargeable batteries I bought you this weekend? I bought two packs one with the charger and the other pack of four!

Me: Yes I remember...
Hubby: Well where is the four pack?
Me: It's in my purse...

Hubby: Where's your purse?

Me: Here at work with me...

Hubby: Why do you have you purse at work with you?
I need batteries for my guitar, I want to play my game!

Me: Seriously, that's what this urgency is all about?

You need batteries for your game?

... Just use the ones I have charging for my camera!

Hubby: I am!
... I just needed to replace them with those before you got home!

yes my friends that's all I got today, my brain hurts...
I haven't eaten today and it's all Himbo's fault

Friday, April 17, 2009

Super Freak

Q: So what happens when you're shopping at the mall with Bon Don?

A: She drags you into one of these things ...

I tired to keep a straight face...

***This is a booth like looks like a photo-booth in the mall, it has a green screen behind where you sit and you lean your head forward over another green cut out for your head, you pick your song do your thing then done... a CD with you singing your song pops out instead of a picture!***

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Money Question For You

The other day I was out running some errands,
as I was getting out of the car I noticed a dollar bill on the floor!


I was so shocked, seriously!
I'm sure you're thinking, "really? a dollar and she was shocked"
but you have to realize I've never found money before.

Is that odd?

I mean sure... I've been around people who find money all the time,
Hubby finds money, my Momma finds money ALL the time...
but I never do.

Wait!!! I find coins... does that count?

Hubby said I never find money because
I never look "around" or down at the floor.

It's true I don't.

I remember once when I was a tiny little Bon Don, I seen this man drop his wallet at the Supermarket. I picked it up (fully loaded with cash by the way) and followed him saying "Excuse me Sir" about 5 times before he turned around, I handed him his wallet and said "You dropped this back there" he snatched it from my hand, shoved it in his pocket and walked away.

No "Thank You" or "Wow kid good job!"
Anyway that is the extent of my money finding days.

So as I was excitedly tell Hubby about my fabulous news and how I was a dollar richer, I asked him what was the most money he's ever found?
He said a Fifty Dollar Bill!
I would love to find a fifty dollar bill,
but I will be happy with my dollar fortune!

So my question for you is...
What was the most money you've ever found?

... NOT STOLEN people!!
But found!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My “Conviction” (Bon Don's Gotta a Girl Crush)

It all started while watching the MMA fight this weekend,
Hubby wanted to see the Shamrock vs. Diaz fight.
(Sidenote: My brother does MMA stuff, he's a black belt, submissions, kick boxing etc. ...yes he's bad ass, we are related after all *wink wink*)

Hubby was telling me how Diaz reminds him of my brother when I noticed the camera man kept cutting to this really pretty girl...
Hubby said "Oooo look babe, that bitch is bad!"
I said "oh yeah... she's really pretty!"
Hubby said, "Not only that but she's undefeated, she's a MMA fighter too!"
I said "What!? she doesn't even look all manly!"

I jumped on my laptop and Googled her...

Meet Gina Carano...
Quick Bio: Gina Carano is an EliteXC women’s MMA cage fighter and a Muay Thai specialist who got her start fighting out of the famed Master Toddy Gym in Las Vegas, NV which led to a role in the reality series "Fight Girls". Gina is also on NBC’s American Gladiators as “Crush.” Carano has competed multiple times internationally, garnishing a 12-1-1 professional Muay Thai record. Carano’s striking skills have so far surpassed every MMA fighter she has faced and is now training under Randy Couture at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas where she’s growing increasingly adept in the submission/ground game with improving her takedown defense.
A pretty girl who can whip your ass!
Tell me that's not f*cken hot!

Tell me having a battle wound isn't super f*cken cool!

All this talk about MMA fighting and girl power gets me all pumped up... it makes me want to go out and punch a baby! WOOO

Anyway back to my point...
so it's official, Bon Don has a girl crush.

And she can whip some serious ass!
Don't you just love her!?