Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Rejuvenation

You know, the best rejuvenation regime is to veg-out!

Just stay in your p.j's all weekend and do absolutely NOTHING, just spoil yourself, eat what you want, try out a new recipe, catch up on all your favorite movies or the ones you haven't seen yet... We definitely had one of those weekends and it was great!

It started off with everyone sleeping in then, going out for breakfast, renting about 6 movies and buying 2 movies on Blue Ray (LOVE LOVE LOVE the clarity) plus a game for Hubby. Oh and we completely finished watching the final season of Alias this weekend too. The girls were in that lazy mood with us too, they were trying to fit into every little open space on our bed to watch TV with us, Blue (my hubby's spoiled Chihuahua) was a little jealous and cranky that everyone was laying by her Daddy but she got over it and let us enjoy our movies.

For dinner I made tacos (I think it was from all that talk about them earlier this week) and with content bellies we finished watching our movies. A little while later we needed something sweet, so we made a quick run to Wendy's for some yummy chocolate Frosty's! mmmmm.

I love weekends like this.


Stephanie said...

You neeed to go see "Wicked" before it's over! You'll love it, I'm sure. It's excellent.

I love relaxing weekends. It sounds like yours definitely was. The picture on your profile makes me want to eat some cupcakes. :)

OOh, ALIAS! Love that show. Love Jen Garner. She's fantasic. I want to be her. It was a great show. I miss it!

Yua Sista said...

WE did the EXACT same thing in GA this weekend...OH except I fell asleep through each and every movie! Shocking to you - I am SURE! Love YOU lots!