Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Another Night

First a little background...
Hubby wasn’t feeling well yesterday. He had woken up about 1am and hadn’t fell back asleep all day, so when I came home from work the plan was for him to fall asleep early so he could try and get some rest.

Around 7pm I turned on the air so he could have sound to drown out any noise we might make in the house and fresh air to keep him asleep, I kept Blue out of the room because she likes to sleep on top of his legs or right next to his legs for some reason.

I even stayed out of our room all night so he wouldn’t have to hear his wife typing away on instant messenger with Desert Rat, flipping through channels all night or snoring directly in his ear (yes I snore…and loud)

Sidenote: Apparently it worked because I just spoke to him and he said it was the best sleep he’s had in months, BOO. Separate bedrooms here we come.
Ok enough about my “bedroom issues”

So there I was last night, all alone.

While I tried to get comfortable in unfamiliar territory (the living room) it was kind of lonely. There was no Hubby to fight over bed space with, there wasn’t a comfy bed to sleep in, no huge TV with satellite to watch. I even left a man behind… (my laptop) so no Internet for me.

At first I didn’t know what to do with myself, I literally sat in the center of the couch wondering what to do to keep me occupied. The house was quiet. Cindyjo was out shopping with my Momma and Joshmo was in her room ignoring me or “studying” …whatever.

After a few minutes of silence, sitting around and staring, I did manage to come up with a few things to keep me busy…

I called my niece & nephew and had them tell me
how much they love and miss me.
I texted and harassed my oldest God-Son while he was trying to work.
I bothered the dogs, stole their jerky treats and toys
and forced them to play with me.
I "meowed" at the stray cats on the fence and had a full conversation
I played hopscotch in the kitchen
I tried different "lighting options" all around my house
I fooled around with my phone and sent pictures like this to my children:

Finally after what seemed like an eternity I was saved.

My girl came home! (no silly not Himbo, although we did hang out the other night and it was so fun…more to come on that tomorrow)

I held my Momma hostage in the living room and forced her to watch the last Season of Six Feet Under with me while I ate yummy pineapple & orange sorbet and cuddled with the doggies. Then I made Cindyjo paint my nails and rub out a knot in my shoulder!

I ended up passing out from my busy night with the TV blaring, Blue under my leg, and jerky treat in my hand (wait that sounds dirty)
Good Times!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Guy in "Town"

Well hello my BBF’s! First of all I’d like to say, Thank You for your positive thoughts and prayers for my Daddy. We are “a fighting people” so we are expecting my Daddy will get better soon.

So without further adieu,
Bon Don is back!

In case you’ve noticed or even if you haven’t...
I’ve been kind of MIA for the last couple of days.
What's that you say? Why have I been MIA?

Well I kind of been hanging out with this new guy and he’s taking up all of my time. I guess you can say I’m one of those girls that get real infatuated when it comes to new relationships, almost obsessed. I neglect the world when I get this way and unfortunately this time it included "you" my BBF's...and I'm very sorry about that. really. sorry.

Yup that’s right this new guy is on the brain all day & night, I sneak him into my office at work, when I get home he’s got my full attention, when everyone is sleeping it’s just him & I alone in the dark trying to be quiet.
I think I’m in love.
I am in love.

What’s that you say? What about my Hubby?
Well don’t worry my friends… he’s the one who introduced us!

Wooah wait now, it’s not “like that” we’re not swingers or anything like that, Oh but no offense to the swinging couples out there, but that’s just not our style…

HOWEVER if you must,
you can send pictures and inquire at swingingbondon@yah
just kidding.

Back to the new guy, he’s super cool!
You know he’s so “cool” that Lisa Kudrow even kicks it with him!
His name is Professor Layton.

As in "Professor Layton and the Curious Village"

Hubby gave me a cute little pink Nintendo DS and loaded it with lot's of fun games for me! I've been hooked ever since, I play it at work, when I get home, when hubby's sleeping... I even dream about being in the village with Professor L, or "P.L." as I call him in private.

My obsession is so bad, but i love it!

So I'm back in the real world for now because I'm such a brainiac that I passed the entire game already, Yup that's right Bon Don is a smarty pants so watch out all you nice folks out there cause Bon Don's a coming to molest your blog with her comments!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prayer for My Daddy

May the sun bring you new energy by day.
May the moon softly restore you by night.
May the rain wash away your worries.
May the breeze blow new strength into your being.
May you walk gently through the world
and know its beauty all the days of your life.

Sadnleel da'ya'dee nzho Ko-ta'
(Just a little inspiration for my Dad)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bon Don's Coma

This weekend Bon Don was in a coma.

No really I'm fine, no need for panic!
I almost forgot to mention it was sleep induced, that might have made a slight difference in your first reaction... oopsy

For some strange reason I slept about 30 plus hours from the time I got home from work on Friday till this very morning!

You will be happy to know that I did manage to wake up a few times during my coma.
The first time was Saturday morning at 4am telling my Hubby I was STARVING and I couldn't bare the pain, which I think I was partly sleep talking on that one.... *nervous chuckle here*
Well he got up to cook breakfast for his "starving wife" (French toast, scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes) and I kind of didn't wake back up.

Don't worry he wasn't mad at me, I think he's used to my middle of the night cravings... apparently I ask for lots of things in my sleep, I also wake up in the middle of the night patting my lips and making a lip smacking sound to let him know "I'm thirsty" and he brings me water, so he knows his wife is a weirdo and just humors me.
(Isn't he a lucky man!)

Second time was Saturday night, just in time to go out for a night on the town (ok well not really a night on the town but rather a fun night out at the usual Karaoke hang out!)
We had a couple of new faces with us. This time we convinced my friend Sonia aka "G" to come out, she brought her sweetie pie who surprisingly didn't scared away with a very intoxicated Bon Don's whooting and hollering whenever BDC would hit the stage or when she grabbed the mic and sang a versus of someone elses song or even duringHimbo's Rockstar debut of some good old fashion Linkin Park where she proceeded to raise the "shocker"

instead of the Rocker hand gesture!

(What a classy broad right! ...I'm telling you Hubby's a "Lucky Man")

Yesterday I woke up at 7pm for some soup, a few Motrin and some Pepsi. I stayed awake with the girls for a few hours, talked to very bored Himbo (apparently I'm not allowed to leave him unsupervised for that long anymore either) then Special Girl Chris stopped by with some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and it was back to sleep for Bon Don... pure sleep ... or unconscious, however you see it really.

Speaking of Himbo he has a video on his blog of "Drag Race"

I lOVE that show I think Drag Queens are F'CKEN BAD ASS! Go check it out!

(BTW if any of you know how to apply Drag Make-up let me know I want to dress in drag so bad!!)

Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bon Don Wants To Know!

So I have another question for you guys & gals...

Who is your "celebrity crush" that is NOT
on the 100 sexiest people around list?

You know...
Someone who your friends might think you're crazy for liking...
Someone who doesn't fit yours or society's hotness standards
(Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie etc. etc.) ...
Someone who you're kind of embarrassed to admit out loud
that you think they are good looking...
Someone out of your "norm" but there's something to them...
Come on you know there is someone, who is it?

Mine is Kevin Smith. <3

Yes that's right ... this cuteness right here!
Who can resist "Silent Bob"? ... not me.


Pop Rock Margarita Disclaimer

I thought I should let you all know,
when you do go out and try this lovely libation...
Not only are they yummy and make you want to drink countless more, but when the Pop Rocks are being poured into the drink they fly EVERYWHERE!
I'm talking at top speed!
They fly in your hair they stay stuck on your clothes and skin!
Fun but messy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello My Name Is Bon Don And I'm An ???...

So today I was craving a Pop Rock Margarita.
Yesterday I was craving a bottle of wine...yes a bottle.
This pasted weekend, well you know what...
better yet, don't get me started on my last
"few" weekends of booze cravings.

What I'm saying is...

lately it kind of seems like Bon Don is a bit of a lush.

Yesterday I was talking to my Momma about my horrible day at work and how I was exhausted from only having 4 hours of sleep the night before and I just wanted to crack open a bottle of wine and relax.
I thought I'd get a sympathy "yeah, that's sounds like a good idea...
I hope you feel better"
Umm No, not so much.
She felt like it was the right time to try and be funny instead.
Her reply to me kind of went like this,
"How about no, it's late... you should go to sleep"
Me: "What!? Why? I want wine though"
Momma: "You don't need to drink today, you're tired remember!"
Me: "Are you calling me a drunk? Don't judge me lady!"
Momma: "I'm not judging you,
I'm just saying you've been drinking too much lately... wino"
Me: "Nice Momma... way to NOT judge me!"
*laughing... but kind of sad I was talked out of my bottle of wine*
Momma: *laughing at my sadness*
So on top of my own mother joking about how I've been being a "Wino"
I realize my "Status Updates" on Facebook are all about booze!
I come here and see all of my latest entries
and yup you guessed it... more booze!
I'm starting to see a pattern.
Actually, I'm really not a boozer (seriously)
I have my spurts.
Haha "spurts" kinds sounds like "squirts"
hahaa... *clears throat*
Sorry, back to pleading my case.
Like I said, I'm not really a boozer and in my Hubby's own words
"I just love the taste of alcohol and if I just so happen to get a good buzz in the process...it just a bonus!"
I have my Rockstar moments of hanging out and having drinks, but I also have my very anti-social moments for sometimes months on end of just watching movies and relaxing or hanging out with God-children and being an all around awesomely sober person.
So what I'm saying is don't bother rounding up fellow bloggers and "scaring me straight" with an intervention or anything.
Your Bon Don is just fine, I promise!
But for now, I will enjoy my "spurt" of wanting to be social and go out, which comes with the added bonus of wanting to enjoy a few good drinks. Right!? ... right!
Side Note: You will be happy to know that tonight Himbo just so happen to call me and ask what I was up to at the right moment...
convo went like this

Himbo: What's up bitch what are you doing tonight?

Me: nothing just relaxing, what are you doing?

Himbo: Having a few glasses of wine, come over!
Me: Me: Mmm Wine! I wanted to crack open my bottle
yesterday but I was discouraged.
Himbo: Come over I'm on my second glass and I'm kind of hungry
Me: Ooooo I have a better idea, let's go to Joe's and get
Pop Rock Margarita's and you can eat there!
"Trusty Drunk Sidekick Himbo": Done! Let's roll.
I got my PRM and I'm a happy girl right now!

You're Loved Because...

So cheer up and have a fabulous day!
and remeber... Rick Astley would never let you down!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boobie Post

Since my last post was kind of a Debbie Downer (no offense to all the Debbie's out there) I thought I'd share these pictures with you and "perk up the mood" hahaha "perk"...ha...h never mind.
I was going through all my pictures from the Karaoke bar we frequent and I noticed there was a pattern with a few of the pictures...
that pattern was Boobs!

Oh yes my friends

plenty of pictures of chicks with cleavage hanging out ...

OH! and I even have a video.

I couldn't resist, I kept telling my Hubby, "Wait for it... wait for it" because I could have sworn this chicks boobs were going to fall out at any given moment!
They butchered "Eye of the Tiger" so it's only fair that I share the video because you should never insult Rocky like that!

Ok now back to the regular scheduled program... Boobs.

More Boobs!See, I wasn't lying...Boobs.
Another set of Boobs... Oh wait
Ok never mind... I zoomed in too much on that picture,

because this wasn't a Boob shot. Sorry

And I can't leave out a little eye candy for the ladies!

For your viewing pleasure,

compliments of BDC (aka. Hubby)...

Man Boobs!

You're Welcome

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thanks & Nonsense Post

Thank you for answering my questions last week, it was extremely helpful! I guess I might have had a case of Blogger guilt or something.

See, I always give attention to all the blogs I follow and that follow me and lately it was beginning to be too much.

Then I figured, screw it.
I don’t have enough time (like I did before) to read & catch up on everyone, so I ended up weeding out the blogs who don’t really update, who are kind of depressing or who don't really interact with me or leave me comments, sorry guys I'm not going to put up with being the giver in this relationship!

It's fine really because I’d rather follow blogs that are down to earth, funny, sarcastic, a little twisted and sometimes perverted (Mooooog35) I'm pretty simple like that... But I will say, it feels SO good to have a selected few BBF’s who I love reading everyday even when they don’t really have much to say.

I’ve also been playing around with the idea of going private or even taking an extended vacation from the blog world for a little while… I’m kind of thinking some people that I work (that I really don't care for) read my blog and I would rather them not. I'm sure they found me through Himbo's blog since he's always blasting his blog all over town and putting his link just about everywhere that would take it (he's kind of slutty like that)

Who knows... maybe it's just my A.D.D kicking in or something because the other day I even de-activated my Facebook account that I just started because I was bored with it…and two days later I needed to activate it again because I met "Brittany Bar Girl" and that’s how we decided to contact each other.

Today I received a junk horoscope email that said:

“SCORPIO” By confiding in others and listening to yourself speak, you reach greater clarity in a personal situation. The time is still not right for making a decision, as more clarity awaits you tomorrow.

So I guess I better not make any snap decisions just yet about my blog.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Question For You...

So I was going to post day #2 of pictures last night when I got home, but I didn't end up getting around to it because I fell asleep.

Yes that's right, I slept from 7pm yesterday evening till 730am this morning... and I can still fall back asleep right now! I'm not being lazy or anything I'm just not feeling well. I think I have the sniffles and it's making my head foggy.

Ok enough about my snotty head, I have a couple of blog questions for you bloggers out there.

1. Do you follow everyone who follows you?
2. Do you read every person you follow?
3. Do you comment on everyone you follow or just the people who comment on yours?
4. When you miss a few days of posts do you play catch up and read all the posts that you fell behind in or just the last post from that person?
5. Does it bother you when someone changes their background?

Monday, March 9, 2009


Vote's were in for my sister and you had no mercy on her!
We started on Thursday night and finished Sunday morning sadly without having a "Sunday Funday" but you will be happy to know that the only reason we didn't torture her with a Champagne Brunch carrying into a Pop Rockin' Bar Fight night was because my sister ended up with so much alcohol in her system she kind of had a Kidney infection... oopsie. Other than that she had a fabulous time and "learned her lesson"
So on day two it started out pretty quiet, just a nice calm night out for some Karaoke ...
Here's Himbo, Reina Bee and Runaway Train posing for the camera One more sober pose with BDC, Bon Don and Runaway Train
(notice BDC's button, it says "I love head"... very sweet)

Here's Bon Don and Runaway Train,
and yes that is a straw in my Pink Cadillac Margarita Pitcher!

Of course the OC Cool Kid Bloggers made a cameo to meet a fellow Cool Kid here is Gabby She Wrote, Himbo, OMGLos Angeles and Runaway Train

Now here is were the night started. As I was saying my Goodbye's to the OC Cool Kids, my Momma was making friends of her own.
Meet "Brittany"

Brittany kick up the party fast!
Just as our 5th pitcher of Pink Cadillacs were kicking in, we glanced over and "B" was dancing up a storm! Someone even gave her glow sticks for the "Rave Effect"Ok now this video is too much!!
Check out how the girls are dancing and Himbo jumps in with them, then they all fall and Himbo is off like a prom dress ... Oh but the best part is when all of a sudden you see arms dancing from the floor!! Tell me these girls aren't awesome, girls...same time same place next weekend!

There was way more Karaoke being sung... Himbo, Reina Bee, Runaway Train and Brittany sang Love Shack and turned the lyrics dirty... Brittany and her friend Jamie sang "Boyz in da Hood" ... Reina Bee did a strip tease to Prince "Dear Niki"... and lot's more pitchers drunk by all.

Oh and BDC gave his button to the Karaoke DJ and I must say it got him lot's of attention!

The party carried over to the lounge...

We made new friends, or some might say we ran into old friends that looked like old prom dates!

Runaway Train molested the bartender...

Lot's of drunk "WOOooing"

Greasy food to chase down the booze when we got home...
And finally my proof of "Mission Accomplished"

Friday, March 6, 2009

Calling All Voters, She's Here!

So last night my sister Runaway Train arrived from Cabo.

Wait a minute...
let me give you a little background on what's going on, see it all started with a comment she made on my post about Why Bon Don?

She said that I never party with her when she comes to visit and all I want to do is watch movies. Fair enough I do love my lazy time with her but see she took it that extra step... basically she called me out.
Ok, you want to call me out, let's do this!!

I told Himbo to post an invite on Facebook calling all OC Bloggers and anyone else who would like to come and help me prove my point. I have an entire weekend planned out for my sister, that way she never forgets the weekend that Bon Don didn't let her sleep and made her eat and binge drink till she puked EVERYDAY!

Last night we took it easy on her, we were only supposed to go out for Karaoke and a few drinks... well no Karaoke (that's tonight)
but there were drinks.

Retired Blog-ebrity "Mz Tapz" and Runaway Train

(We even drug out my Momma & Reina Bee)

Runaway Train always misses BDC...
(she likes being tortured)

(We had a few drinks)

(Maybe a few more)

Don't ask me what this look was all about
... just notice my hands were under the table! (kidding)

This is a picture of BDC showing us how to hand over your drink if someone asks you if they can taste it,
that way maybe next time they won't ask.

BDC wanted to be in the picture...

Not to be out done Reina Bee took the same picture

Out of nowhere this crazy lady totally felt up me & Hubby at bar she was talking to us and at the same time rubbing our asses. SERIOUSLY! then she came up to our table and took us all out on the dance floor... this is what is looked like (very scary)

The natives got restless on the dance floor and hit the pool tables, this is how they determined who was going to "Break" ...
rock, paper, scissors always works best.

My Momma the pool shark ended up schooling these drunks on how to really play some pool... There were way more shenanigans last night but honestly I'm way too tired right now all I know is when RT did this....

It's was time to go...!
Don't go just yet!!
I put up a poll on the top left side of my page
I need you to decide if I should go easy on Runaway Train this weekend
or if I should teach her a lesson.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

8 Inches... GONE!

My hair has been cut!
OK it's not this bad...
Actually it's not bad at all, it's about shoulder length now and I love it.
My hair grows freakishly fast, Darn Apache blood!
Usually I donate 12 inches of hair to Locks of Love every year but this time I didn't want to wait four more inches... I just needed it cut and fast.
Want to know why?

Because last night my hair attacked me in the middle of the night.

Yes that right, ATTACKED!
Out of nowhere it wrapped it's long locks around my neck
and tried to choke me out!
It was a fight let me tell you... and I wasn't about to go through that sh!t again tonight!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

UPDATE! Regulators... Parenting 101

It's coming along...
tomorrow will be deep cleaning furniture and nick-nacks on the shelves then re-organizing the closets!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We regulate any stealing of his property
And we damn good too
But you can't beat any geek off the street,
Gotta be handy with the steel
If you know what I mean, earn your keep

"Regulators! Mount up!"
(sorry, it really was important to get ghetto with the lyrics)
I've been asked before, "Bon Don? How do you guys make the girls keep their room clean?"
Well now you will know...

this is how,

and like this!

Who wants to come home from school and see this?

Usually we just have to tell our girls, "Hey let's get it together the room is looking sloppy I want it cleaned up before we ransack the joint" and a little while later DONE! Clean! No biggie.

Well lately Hubby & I have had to repeat ourselves at least twice this month and we feel like we shouldn't have to tell our "Teenagers" to clean up their room.

So today Hubby walked into the room emptied out closest shelves and dresser drawers and flipped the mattresses (so they can clean properly)

Usually they would much rather keep it clean then for this to happen all the time and believe me Hubby & Bon Don don't mess around...

we always follow through on our threats,

we're kind of d!cks like that!

Now run along and regulate on any rooms in your house that you feel have been neglected by your children or spouse! It's fun.