Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Good.

Well after about a week of celebrating my birthday like a Rockstar, it's finally over. Thank goodness for that because my liver & kidneys need a break! I layed low these past couple of days to recuperate,
this old bitty ain't what she used to be!

Don't get me wrong though, I had a BLAST... I hung out with every cool kid I know, I was spoiled rotten by my Hubby and friends, I ate and drank everything my little heart desired, I got awesome gifts. I love birthdays.

Yesterday I hung out with "The Luxurious One" Himbolicious, we had a carb-fest at this yummy little Italian place and did some shopping and running around. Himbo said he had to buy some nutritious goodies, you know like Champagne, Frozen Pizza's and Fruit Punch (for when I come over) after finally convincing Himbo the energizer bunny that I had a turtle head creeping out from all that Italian food he finally released me from captivity, man that boy can shop!


Himbo said...

Lol yeah, you were prairie dogging it! Turtle, turtle...

Kellie said...

OMG, turtle head! That is too funny! I haven't heard that saying in ages! :)

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Champagne frozen pizza and fruit punch!