Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my Birthday! YAY!
I love birthday's, especially when they are mine.
Omgosh, I'm super sleepy today. After partying like the Rockstar that I am all night last night (more on that later) I was able to stumble into work possibly still a little bit effected from the numerous drinks and shots I had.
I just have to say that I really feel loved this whole week! ESPECIALLY today!
Himbo summed up our night so check it out! YAY


yua sista said...

YAY you are at work. I've been stalking you but you clearly see my number and is why you don't answer! I am glad to hear you are having a GREAT birthday week especially since last year's sucked! I LOVE YOU sooooo much, you are the bestest in the whole wide world! I have to call you now.

Mich said...


hope you are having a super fantastic day :)

Princess of the Universe said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bon Don said...

YAY!! Thank you guys!

Savvy Mode SG said...

happy late b-day and happy halloween.

Emma said...

Happy, happy birthday! xx

Vanessa said...

Since it's still Birthday week, Happy Birthday to you! Hope it was a great celebration!