Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad Blogger

Those of you who visit Himbo's blog have noticed that lately he has been posting a few pictures of our "Autumn Sky's" out here in the OC.

Well yesterday we drove up to the roof of our parking structure at work so he could get a few shot's for his blog, so I busted out my camera and took some pictures of him being a wonderful blogger and giving his readers pretty pictures to look at!

I on the other hand suck... I don't give you pretty "Autumn Sky's" pictures to look at and tell you about my lovely walk home and appreciation for life. I tell you how I cuss people out a the voting polls and how my husband pisses on people's desks! I'm sorry.

How about I make it up to you with these lovely pictures of my favorite desk toy and this awesome little monkey?!

Ok good
I feel better now...
you're welcome!


MzTapz said...

Awww...Thats so sweet of you to post a pic of Himbo when he was a tiny lil toddler...hahaha

just kidding ya betch! Maegan said... don't suck! those are amazing.

Far said...

number one Himbo is a cutie love the suit second that monkey pic scares me and i love them lol..

ps- dont even stop your cussin ppl out stories they get me through the day lol

Tova Darling said...

That monkey picture really creeps me out. Seriously. I'm anticipating nightmares. :)

I'm having a contest on my blog! Feel free to enter and you could win a Christmas ornament!

Gabby said...

Your stories make me LAUGH! I don't know how I ever got through the work day before I found your blog.

Variety is the 'tasty' spice of life!

Himbo said...

Aw... thanks Far! You're absolutely right about that ;P and Ditto.

Himbo said...

Dar: Lol! And that's you in the background holding me.

Yua sista said...

OH wow a beautiful blue sky and and a beautiful purple orange sky...DO tell, what state are you in? Has it been raining because as you know when I go there I yet to see a blue sky since I was 14!

Himbolicious you are so HANDSOME with your suits!

BDC said...

Stop complimenting the little man on his suit!!!! Little do you people know he buys them from ROSS, And for those who dont know ROSS is a second hand store. Kinda like the goodwill. Plus all them colors in the sky is called SMOGGGGGG Thanks california..Thanks Alot

Kellie said...

Haha, I honestly like your pictures better. That monkey's face is great! Beautiful sunsets? Ah, who needs em? :) And cuss out and pee stories are always good!

Himbo said...




Go watch my video clip of Katt Williams.

-Fantabulous Himbo

Smileygirl said...

Ok now I'm homesick again. But glad you're feeling better!