Monday, November 10, 2008

Friday, Hubby stayed home which was perfect because after work a couple of us cool kids felt like grabbing a bite to eat and having a few drinks. Reina Bee & Lo-Mel were in the mood for some Sushi, and Himbo is never one to turn down slimy fishy stuff so off we went!

Friday night actually ran a little longer than expected, and we all partied like Rockstar's ... well some a little more than others! But here's a few pictures of the beginning of the night when everyone was on their best behavior! *wink wink*

Himbolicious & Dula Dip

Reina Bee & Lo

Well some of us ate...

and well, some of us drank...Bon Don (lush)

Oh and here is Himbo dazzling us with his table drumming while flicking left over Wasabi in our direction!
Magical really.


Himbo said...

Aw... I had so much fun! BDC got fuc*ed up that night... he was swerving all over the place, trying to walk across the dance floor. We need more pix of you guys on here!

Yua Sista said...

Awe how fun! that is the best place to eat...well unless of course you are in Cabo...but really I LOVE that place I tell everyone I can about it! Don't Drink beer it's WAY fatty!

Chunks of Reality said...

What a great night! It sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun. :)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and also for your kind words. It really means a lot.

I love the name of your blog, by the way. :)

Baxter said...

I'm not a big sushi fan...but beer and table drumming, hells yesss!!

thanks for the love!

BDC said...

Sorry people for letting myself get as drunk as Dula-Dip and Lourdes(Reina B)combined.BUT IT WAS FUCKEN AWESOME!! dude I needed that shit. So if i did anything to offend anyone JUST FUCKEN DEAL WIT IT. BITCHES!

Kellie said...

Mmmm...sushi sounds so good. I could go for some of that today.

Matt said...

This post makes me want bust out some saki bombs right here at work.

looks like a good time. Im jealous.

stumbled upon this blog from another blog, hope you dont mind the comment.

Bon Don said...

Himbo: why do you need more pics? don't you get enough of us everyday?

my sista: are you in Cabo?

Chunks: Thank you, love your blog too!

Baxter: Oh honey...I KNOW you're NOT a sushi fan! hehehe

BDC: You can do whatever you want!

Kellie: Do it girl! Treat yourself!

Matt: Welcome Matt, thanks for the comment! If you can bust out the Saki bombs at work… then you must work for a mighty fine establishment! 5280…is that for Denver?