Thursday, November 13, 2008

Real Quick

Ok so a few years back when the "Luxurious" Himbo and I started hanging out I noticed he was always doing things and making comments that just screamed "Bimbo"

So I started calling him a Bimbo and eventually it just turned into Himbo. It's funny because the guy is pretty smart, he's a number cruncher for crying out loud! But when it comes to the little things, well... he's a Himbo.

Here's an example of his "Himbo-ness"...remember the picture below (in my last post) the one with Himbo taking a picture with the pretty sky and my car in the background? Well last night I was over at his house watching TV, when he jumped online and started checking our blogs.

Conversation was as follows:

Himbo: I'm going on your blog right now,
I wanna see the pictures again *sits in front of his computer*
Bon Don: K... *sits up and turns towards Himbo*
Himbo: The sky looked so nice, what a pretty color! *admiring the picture*
Bon Don: Yeah, it came out nice...too bad my car was in the shot
Himbo: *starring and concentrating at the screen* wait...
Bon Don: What? What are you looking at?
Himbo: I'm just trying to see if I can see you in the car! *still concentrating on the screen*
Bon Don: *Laughing* HAHAHA No ass I wasn't in the car... I took the fricken' picture remember?!
Himbo: Oh Yeah! *falls off chair laughing*

...Really Himbo?


So tomorrow being Friday, I decided to call it "Funny Friday"
and being that it's "Funny Friday" I have another story for you guys!
It involves my Hubby... and a drunk lady.
It's a true story and it just happened last night, but I will make you wait.
I have to tell it exactly the way it went down which means,
the post will be completely filled with cuss words ...
I will understand if you choose to ignore my blog post entirely tomorrow. (but come back)
"And that's all I have to say about that."


Mich said...

hahahaah oh himbo.......

MzTapz said...

Hahaha...thats so Himbo! I told you Him that we're related!!

Yua Sista said...

Totally cracked me up! Love you guys! Can't wait to hear about my compa..I'm afraid I should read with my eyes covered.

Himbo said...

Lol! Yeah, that was pretty himbolicious of me.

In the words of Stripper_D, "I'm not......... stupid"!

-Himbo the Great

PapaFreels said...

hahahhahaha that "homeboy" is a homegirl!! lol!!!!!!!!! I love ur shit toooo..mmmm cupcakes