Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adventures In Voting...

So today I told this little story during lunch and
Himbo insisted that I tell you all.

*Disclaimer Side Note: Yes, I have been known to a little opinionated in public, NOT all the time! I'm not one of those obnoxious people, but when it's called for I don't hold back. And YES for the record I will admit I was a little annoyed to begin with because I was a tad-bit hungry. My bad.

Yesterday I left work a little early to hit the voting polls, I finally get to where I thought was my voting place and stood in line with every walk of life in Orange County, when all of a sudden this 400lb trashy looking loud mouth, power hungry heifer started yelling at all of the volunteers for calling people next in line, she actually said "NO!! Don't you call these people in again, I already told you I'll bring them're gonna screw it all up again!!"
So now this nasty beotch is hollering near my ear, so I picked up my hand as to keep her at bay and I turned my head a little with what I can only imagine as a look of disgust on my face. She finally gets the hint and takes her and her stained shirt back inside.

*Another Side Note: I have a hard time controlling my facial expressions (I've been told) and sometimes I have to really try and keep them under control.

Meanwhile there is the world's stupidest conversation
going on in line right in front of me!

Like I said before, there was like every walk of life in line right.
Well in front of me there's this little blond petite girl, in front of her there is this other normal looking mexican chick and some guy talking to the this young girl to my left, I'll say about 19 or 20 she looks kind of normal, tight pants with wedge shoes tank top and hair in one of those faux hawk bumps...trashy but "normal" that is until the idiot speaks!

I'm not sure of how familiar everyone is with the "spanglish accent" we have going on our here in Cali sometimes but it's horrible and that's one of my BIGGEST pet peeves!
Almost like Rosie Perez with a Mexican twist.

ANYWAY, so this girl (we'll call her Rosie Perez)
starts talking to this guy in my line
(I guess they went to school together or something)
and in her Spanglish accent Rosie Perez says,
"YeAAhh I hate school it's stooopid, I'm gonna just drop out and work two jobs or somethin' cause I just don't like it" The guy says something back to her, I didn't really pay attention because I was too busy giggling out loud AT her.

Well now big heifer comes back to tell people to make two lines according to last names A through L in one line and the rest in my line, the guy stays in my line and Rosie Perez asks "What's your last name howcome your over there?"
and the guys says something like "Williamson"
and Rosie Perez said "Eew like a white boy, you have a white boy last name!"

again I'm giggling out loud and by this time I'm sure my face looked like "you're kidding right" I was kind of embarrassed for her, there was about 30people in line.

So now Rosie Perez is getting antsy and says "Ugh this is taking long"
and young Mr. Williamson says "Who are you voting for?"
Rosie Perez says "I don't even know, I don't even know why I'm voting"
then of course i couldn't take it anymore and I said
"You're a Fucken Idiot!"
Rosie Perez turned around and said "Are you talking to me?"
I said "YES! You're a Fucken Idiot!"
She turn around and mumbled "whatever"
So I said, "You don't even know why you're even voting?!
You shouldn't even be here,
you should just stick to stripping you Fucken Idiot!"
(nothing against strippers, I have plenty of friends who are "dancers")

I know a bit harsh but she deserved it. right?


Gabby said...


Some people are so proud of their ignorance, it blows my mind!

Tova Darling said...

OO, she totally deserved it, but I would've been afraid of being beat up! (Not because she was Mexican, but because I'm little.)

Yua Sista said...

OH MY GOSH, I would have died...I would have agreed, and maybe I would have been annoyed enough already to be ok with it, but I would have died...oh my gosh the only way that story could have been worse is if your husband was with you! Although while you were calling her an idiot out loud in front of everyone in that very graceful way you could have at least told her it's also because she said school is stupid like that was a cool thing to be heard saying! Love you. Totally saw you.

Bon Don said...

Gabby: I know right! it was "stooopid" *giggle* It really bothered me how ignorant she was.

Tova: Aww get in my pocket! you're so cute "Because I'm little"

Sista: You would have totally died BUT there was more conversation back & forth that I left out, so YES you would have probably said it before me! We are related and sometimes you're a little more mouthy than me!

Himbo said...

Lol! You left some of the juicy details out but I guess you sorta have to keep keep it on the lowlow on the blog. So funny, I wish we would have voted together! ...Pinche chuntara! "Om... yah... ay don laik sku becuz es so stupe... om ya... I rather have laik two jobs en shit... bcuz that makes more sense, mira... om ya". Babosa!

Kellie said...

I have the same problem of keeping my facial expressions to myself. Oops. :) This story is a goodie though. What an idiot.

Far said...

bahaha NICE! Im surprised she didnt bitch you out though.. maybe she wasnt bright enough lol

the face that you did this really makes me like you 10x more LOL

Smileygirl said...

What a moron. And a voice like Rosie Perez would send even the most peace loving peeps into a rage. ANNOYING!!!

LBluca77 said...

I would have bitch slapped her. Well maybe, it would depend on her size.

Seriously what kind of idiot waits in line to vote when they don't even know why they are voting or who they are voting for?!?!

My suggestion is that she stays in school, clearly she needs the education.