Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Chat With Myself

Hey Bon Don, you called into work yesterday... you must be really busy catching up on all the work that was left from Monday.
Umm no not really, all I did today was have Dula Dip take a knife looking thing to my hair and shred chunks of hair off.
Yup! It now looks like there is a kitty cat sleeping in my trash can!
Very productive.


Himbo said...

Oh is that what that was...? I thought you threw away a Japanese girl. This makes more sense now, doesn't it.

Btw, betch! Your hair is luxurious!

-Himbotella Versace

Yua sista said...

You did WHAT to your hair? and did your boss see this hair...he is going to think it's something else!

Kellie said...

Too funny that you did this at work! If my boss saw me doing something like that he'd probably throw a coniption fit! :)

Bon Don said...

Himbo: Extreme Luxurious-ness!

Sista: I cut it (shred) large chunks...don't worry it will grow back 12 inches in about a month!

Kellie: my boss was in meetings all day long, seen the guy once in the morning and right as I was leaving. It was wonderful!