Friday, November 21, 2008

Loves It...Loves It Not

Bon Don Loves It:
When my spoiled brat keeps
her beanie baby away from me
(look at that stare!)
Bon Don Loves It, Not:
Touching me with dirty hands
or eating with dirty hands.
Who does that? Honestly!
Bon Don Loves It:
My Pretty Pradas,
they don't hurt my nose like wire frames
and I look super nerdy cool!

Bon Don Loves It, Not:
Sitting in a chair that someones ass heat
just kicked the temperature up to blazing hot.
Can two cheeks really produce THAT much heat?


Himbo said...

Lol! Ewwwww...

Far said...

LOL @the ass heat!

btw love the glasses they look hot!

Gabby said...

Ahhh your lil dog is so cute. Bella does the same thing with her toys...freaking adorable!

Love the glasses!

Boooo for ass heat.

Yua Sista said...

Love the eyes shot! and of course the glasses! Why you referring to my ass heat?

BDC said...

The glasses would look alot better with my JIZZZZ on them.....

Baxter said...

Sexy HOT Prada!
Ass heat, not so hot.

ExMi (expensive mistakes and cheap thrills) said...

that dog is seriously cute.

and those glasses are rad.

uber jealous right now.

Kellie said...

Oh I love your little dog! She is so stinking cute! And your Prada sunglasses are awesome!

Errant said...

the chair thing was funny .. lol

LBluca77 said...

Oh how cute is your dog!!!!!!

Bon Don said...

Thanks for all the lovely compliments! I feel like a true Rockstar now with my Prada Loc's! yay!

...and our bratty little baby is cute huh! she fat and bratty but she's our whole world!...oh wait and so are our kids! *wink wink*