Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't you just love Mondays?
You can just roll out of bed stumble into your daughters room ask her to rub the kinks you have in your back, because your hubby and spoiled doggy take up the whole bed forcing you to sleep contorted (and not in a good way) rolled up in a fetal position on the edge of your bed.
Then take a long hot shower trying to wake up.

When you get out of the shower your other daughter has your clothes ready fresh from the dryer so they are nice & toasty. After dressing you grab your purse and head out the door, when you get to your car it's already warmed up with the heater blowing, kids waiting patiently and the waffle sandwich that your daughter made, awaits you for the drive to school.

You dropped the kids off at school down the street and proceed to finish driving that long 7 minute ride to work. Get to work and park for 25 minutes while you put on your make-up and listen to all the new CD's your hubby made you.

You get into work, spend the whole morning catching up with friends and co-workers on how their weekend was, go and get your morning muffin, ice cold milk and water.

Sit back at your desk refill your miniature shopping cart with candy, go through emails, catch up on all the blogs you missed this weekend and count down the minutes till lunch time.


Miss Merry said...

First off, love the little shopping cart of candy. So cute.

And I'm the same way on Mondays! I've spent the morning catching up with co-workers, checking email and blogging with the occasional attempt at actual work. Now it's lunch time and afterwards maybe I'll actually get something done.

What delightful daughters you have to be so helpful in the mornings!

Mich said...

wow you have such sweet daughters!

i wish my monday mornings were like that... LOL

MzTapz said...

Boo You Whore!

I wish I can have a 7 minute drive to work instead of an hour drive; to work a 10 hour shift!! Boo!
Its Monday...I can be grouchy !! lol

Love the candy cart!

Himbo said...

I love the message on the pic of my... I mean *your* candies.

I'm tired. I've been working hard since the week before last.


Bon Don said...

miss merry: Isn't it adorable! I love my little cart! and yes, my daughters are fabulous! I am blessed.

Mich: I thank my lucky stars all the time!

MzTapz: Don't hate on me, Don't hate on me! ... Ok Hate :)

Bon Don said...

Himbo: honey that's what we do at this place, see you have to do this annoying task called work. and you have to do it to collect your paycheck...see I know it's all new to you but they don't pay you to have 3 hour lunches and to stand in front of my desk showing off your ballet moves! I know shocker...I'll let it sink in now.

Himbo said...



The Loss Adjuster said...

Ah, Mondays...

Gabby said...

Wow, your Mondays sound so wonderful!

Baxter said...

can we switch for a day? :P

Vanessa said...

That tiny shopping cart of candy is too cute! And a daughter that can rub the kinks out of your back? Very nice!

Kellie said...

Dang. My Monday's are not like that at all. I tend to have a hell of a time dragging my ass out of bed and no help from any kids/husband.

LipSmacker said...

Girl, where do you work cause I want to sit next to you! ;)

I have an award for you on my post today, hope you can enjoy it and pass it along! :)

Yua Sista said...

Yes, just love monday's like that...yet some how I am still glad I don't have daughters, wonderful nieces do just fine. Love ya