Friday, October 10, 2008


Yay it's Friday! Finally.

Don't get me wrong I'm not excited about the weekend because I have plans to party like a Rock Star or anything, I just love being able to sleep in if I wanted to.

Just knowing that I can wake up and lay there for hours (or minutes in my case) and not have to jump out of bed and rush to leave the house makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I love the feeling of having the option to just watch T.V. all day if I wanted to!

I was feeling a bit of a Grumpy McGrumperson today, mainly directed towards one person but it kind of set the tone for the afternoon. Don't you hate when the person you're annoyed with knows they are on your shit-list, then acts like a little scared doggie with their tail between their legs?
It almost make me feel bad for them. (stupid conscious)
Oh well...I'll be home soon and it will all be better.


yua sista said...

I don't know anyone who doesn't get that way with you when you are mad at them...we all hate when you are upset with any one of us! ;-) It's just that "cool girl" in you, you've always had it and when you are way older you'll still have it.

Big Fred said...

SO Um yea you know when you get to that age of when you get old and they say your over the hill or somehwhat like that...well it's not true cuz what person climbs over a hill...honestly!!...

The Coconut Diaries said...

Don't feel bad that they know, you gotta milk it! At the very least you get a box of candy out of it. As long as they don't send you a stupid e-card. That just puts them deeper on my ish list!

Bon Don said...

I should have milked it!! Candy sounds de-lish right about now!