Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving Day

So after work yesterday I went over to Himbo's to help him move.

It did kind of look a little like this picture... :-)

I think if anyone else would have been there watching us move, we probably would have drove them crazy. We really didn't have a plan, we just kind of picked up whatever we felt like walking down stairs.

Himbo is a wonderful moving partner because I can take as many breaks as I wanted and he didn't mind because he took them with me, and we would stop to think of new ways to place the furniture verses actually getting in everything all at once THEN placing furniture...
I think our way was much better!

Himbo moved into another apartment in the same building so that made everything so much easier, actually I don't even think Himbo was going to move any furniture last night but I ended up getting impatient cause I wanted to see how everything would look in his new place, so we ended up just bringing everything down last night.

His new place is super cute, when it's all put together we'll have a little house warming party... or whatever you want to call it, basically an excuse to get together and drink and Ooh & Aah about his new place.


Yua Sista said...

Awe, how fun! I can totally picture you two!

MzTapz said...

That pic is the most hilarious pic Ive ever's totally you guys. Its too cute
i love the way your stollin with a lil plant ! lolol

Himbo said...

LOL! The only good thing about being back at work is that i can read your blog, since my internet isn't set up at my new place (sigh). That was fun, you are a luxurious moving partner! I am almost set up so party to come very soon. You and Andy gave me some really cool ideas... I love it!