Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Sista E!

So today is my most favorite sister in the whole wide world's birthday! ...Wait does it count that she's my only sister in the whole wide world? Nevermind.

You know I had a little trouble deciding on what picture to post for her today, there were a few that caught my attention for obvious reasons like these:

What better way to say "I'm glad you were born today!" than this one, but I thought it might be a bit to graphic and in bad form, so I decided No.

Then I seen this one and thought, "perfect she's old now...I mean older now and it plays on her age" then I remembered I'm right behind her. So I decided No.

I even toyed around with this one since my Hubby teases her about her fat knees (which she doesn't have he just like to give her complexes) but it's not my joke to her, so I decided No.

But then I remembered how she loves Precious Moments and how she almost can pass for one herself! problem solved.
Happy Birthday to one of the most, beautiful (inside & outside) caring, loving, generous, thoughtful, funny, crazy, analytical, courageous, brave, risk takers in the whole. wide. world!

May ALL your birthday wishes come true today!

I love you.


MzTapz said...
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MzTapz said...

"Happy Birthday Cousin E!"
Dam your getting old...hehehe

Far said...

happy birfffday!!! yay i love bdays

DulaDip said...

AHHHHHH! Happy happy Birthday to you to you Happy birfday ... i love cheese!

yua sista said...

SO FUNNY and brought tears to my eyes (AWE). Thank you Sister! I love you! You know what? I am sOOOOO much older than you right now, I'm TWO years older! ;-)

Thank you Cousin, far, and duladip! I also see a comment has been deleted...I don't like to ASS U ME things but wondering could it have been my dear, sweet, loving Brother-in-law with something inappropriate to say, maybe about my knees or saggy breast!

Big Dick Crip from Santana Compton said...
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Big Dick Crip from Santana Compton said...

They are not called Breast There Called TITS And In Ur case,"ORANGUTAN TITIES"

Yua sista said...

Chi chis...they are chi chis!