Thursday, October 23, 2008


So I've noticed that I have a very bad habbit...

I say "Boo" ALOT!

It all started when my Hubby and I would go to baseball games and if anyone would stand up in front of him or stand in the aisles he would Boo them really loud until they moved, well it just kind of stuck with me because it was funny and started saying it all the time. I even got my friend Sheila's daughter saying it and she was like 6 at the time.
I think I actually stopped booing every little thing for a while, but then I watched Mean Girls again and then we all started saying "Boo You Whore"
but I dropped that phrase and reverted back to my plain old "BOO"

I Boo when there is traffic, I boo at work (in front of my boss) I boo when someone walking down the street looks like a hot mess, I boo my friends, I boo my kids! It's gotten so bad that I booed the McDonalds drive-thru guy yesterday when he told me "they didn't do cash back"

(I embarrassed my kids)

It's probably annoying, but I just can't help it!

What's your overly used expression?


The Rangel-Carangui Family said...

I know I will probably get a BOO from you but You have been Tagged. have fun.

Far said...

ugh i say dude WAY to much..

Brookie Brooke said...

I say "dangit bobby"from king of the hill. I have gotten a friends grandma saying it.

I switched it up to say "dangsies" taken from Superbad..(kinda, like when they say "samesies"). and I love it. I will not give that one up.

Also anything said in Borat voice is done. At work we have now started punching each other if we say it because we are all so used to doing it just to add a little humor to our lives. We are all bruised at the end of each shift. Worth it though to move on to something new. I may bring "boo" into the mix now!
Oh and I stole Paris' "loves it"

..come to think of it I say a lot of dumb shit over and over again. Thanks for pointing that out.
And this is where I would say...