Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hey guys,
Don't forget that today is Boss's Day!
Send an E-Card or something if you forgot.


Himbo said...

Fuck that!

Bon Don said...

LOL! ok well I should have rephrased that to "Hey guys, IF you like your Boss, it's boss's day!" hehehe

LipSmacker said...

I always forget and then I throw a fit if I walk in on Admin day and there is nothing on my desk... ;)

P.S. - I tagged you!

DulaDip said...

We had it covered!!! We ROCK!

Sonia said...

Ummm...I kind of forgot. Oops! I gave him a bag full of candy and a card the day after. Let's just say he ate them all within 10 minutes of receiving the damn bag! By the way, it's not like he remembers Admin Day on actual "Admin Day" so I don't feel bad at all! :)