Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Not much really went on in the Bon Don household, I did have Mz. Tapz over with her tribe (which translates to 3/4ths of my God-Children collection) so the house was pretty busy.

I was supposed to walk in the L.A. Aids Walk with my fellow friends & co-workers (Himbo included) but with a house full of children I didn't quite make it... I know, Booooo Bon Don!

Other than that I just made a yummy dinner last night and some brownies and called it a night.


MzTapz said...

Damm! I left way to early. =[

Bon Don said...

Yes you did

Himbo said...

Boo, Don Don! No, it's cool but we missed you. It wasn't the same without you. Next time for sure though.