Friday, March 28, 2008

My Sister

So I have this "reader" who says I don't talk much of my extended family, and wants to know if I have any brothers or beautiful sisters. "Really really drop dead beautiful sisters with a perfectly rounded butts?" Well I do, AND! my sister fits that exact description, that's so weird! it's like that reader knew her personally or something...

So where do I begin?
A typical phone conversation between us:

*Phone Rings*
Me: Hello?
Sis"E": You never pick up your phone anymore, I hate you! I had something really important to tell you the other day but now I forgot.
Me: Why? What happen?
Sis"E": I don't did I tell you that I've had a headache for 3 days now and I think I have a tumor?
Me: It's not a tumor...(said like this " Too-Mah")
Sis"E": Yes it is!
Me: ... *watching Food Network*
Sis"E": ... I'm really tired right now, and I don't feel like talking. I just wanted to tell you that you never pick up your phone anymore.
Me: ... *still watching Food Network*
Sis"E": Ok you're boring and I'm wasting to much energy to talk to you right now, you're probably watching T.V. Love you bye.
*phone hangs up*
Me: ...

What would I do without you? Who else can call me (or me call you) and NOT feel like talking to each other? but knowing all we needed was to hear each other's voice for 5 seconds to make us all fuzzy inside.

So here's to you, you wonderful, perfect,
darling, sweet, generous, adorable sister!


Not yua sista for sure someone totally different said...

LOL....that cracked me up to tears!!! WOW your sister sounds amazing and not only amazing but like a VERY interesting person to speak to...and that Gorgeous boy standing next to her MUST be your brother because clearly GREAT LOOKS run in the family.

Yua Sista said...

My favorite is when we call each other and Say "OH MY GOD, you HAVE to hear this song" *phone put next to the speaker while driving* "did you hear that?, it reminded me of you, OK I have to go, I'll talk to you later bye" *click* I Love you sister!

ken dito fron santana compton said...

Why does this girl look like she has fat knees?.....

Mary of Little Rock said...

OH MY GOSH...NO she does not look like that. She is so drop dead I would think she has the prettiest knees and ankles and neck in the world -for sure! And by the way, there is no such city as Santa Ana Compton, there just is not!

Darla said...

I think all of you should be wearing those special "white helmets"