Monday, December 15, 2008

My Kind of Running Around

Yesterday my favorite sister in the whole wide world flew in from Cabo to visit for the next couple of days, you all know her as Runaway Train.

I had to pick her up from LAX...

I hate LAX.

It's SOoo not like Orange County Airport.

See at least here in Orange County they offer you valet service, and if you are picking someone up and want to wait in arrivals they practically offer you a Starbucks Mocha to make sure you're comfortable!

Not LAX I got yelled at by the angry cops on bikes! Ugly pedestrians that had the nerve to just walk into traffic and hold up a hand commanding you to stop for their impatient asses.

Not luxurious at all!

Anyway, I haven't seen her in a minute so I was willing to put up with L.A. for the day, but I can't help but have this sneaky feeling she didn't just fly in to "see me"... why you ask?

I'll tell you why, exactly 17 days prior she commented on the blog that she was craving a cupcake that looked exactly like my cupcake picture on my page. Well she searched all over Cabo for one but according to her the entire town does not believe in frosting.

"All of a sudden" the broad shows up "to visit" umm humm... sounds suspicious to me!

She tried to butter me up by taking me out to dinner (which by the way ALWAYS works) than BAM!

she said, "We need to find me a cupcake, but it has to be the right kind of frosting" of course Sprinkles was closed already and Albertsons was just not going to cut it with "whipped frosting" so we ended up going to Downtown Disney for some yummy cupcakes.

She didn't make it out the store before tearing into one.

...It was the right kind of frosting!

On our way home Himbo called and said he wanted to hang out with us for a night of cupcakes, hot tea and rented videos. (I know, we party like Rockstars right?)
So before we went home we picked up Himbo and swung by Del Taco because he was hungry and I've learned the hard way to get him proper nourishment or else we either have a hypoglycemic coma on our hands or a very pissed off Betch!
Last night he was pissed! The girl screwed up his order, but it's ok... we handled it like calm responsible adults! Sheez you can't take us anywhere *smile*


Desert Rat said...

THAT was THEE best $3.50 each cupcake, cupcake EVER! If you are in the OC and can't live another moment without a cupcake I recommend going to Downtown Disney and paying the $3.50 FOR SURE!
But if you are trying to lose more weight DO NOT stay at the Bondon's- Don't do it! Today she brought home the best cookies ever and mom is making fattening soup!

Gabby said...


I also hate LAX. It's nuts. I almost got run over by a Hertz van last time I was there.

And your night sounds perfectly lovely!

The Loss Adjuster said...

It's not the worst reason in the world to travel, so...

LBluca77 said...

LAX is seriously so difficult. I hate flying out of there, especially if I am alone. I usually end up crying.

Now I have a hankering for a taco, which is weird since I talked about the dog tacos they have in TJ on my blog today.

Ok your sister lives in Cabo? How lucky!! I love Cabo. I went summer 2007 and had a blast. It is so beautiful there.

Himbo said...

You need a new camera because this one made me look fat.

Bon Don said...

Drat/Sista: :) I don't know why you even bother when you're here... you don't have my figure from dieting that's for sure!

Gabby: Rockstar's I tell ya!

TLA: haha

LBluca: Her life is glamorous! she'll be posting pictures soon, you WILL be jealous. I am.

Himbo: OMG I just noticed that! I'll have that fixed right away! stupid camera

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

I've been to the OC Airport and stayed across the street at the Atrium something.... you're right. It's sooo VIP!

I was dying to see a "real housewife" lol

Kellie said...

No frosting in Cabo!?!?! What??? I don't blame her one bit for craving one.

Party like a rockstar!

Far said...

LOL classic himbo pic!

Far said...

btw booo im so sad you cant make it in jan.. but i will take your brother and the cd as a back up hehe... :P

La Pixie said...

Id fly anywhere for some Sprinkles!