Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, Drunk Day!

Today I had to go to work for what I thought was going to be a few hours, I had this project I needed to finish. I was supposed to go in the day after Christmas but I was too busy sleeping, watching TV and eating so I lost track of time. Who wants to go to work the day after Christmas? Honestly!

When I left for work this afternoon Hubby was sitting where he usually sits on Sunday afternoons... in front of his laptop checking his fantasy football stuff, and multi-tasking playing a game on his PSP, while watching one game on our 42 inch plasma TV in our bedroom and watching another game on his 27 inch LCD "video game TV" which is also in our bedroom so he can play his PS3 or watch two games at once.

Yes, two TV's in our bedroom with a laptop and a PSP
forever attached to his hand! Anyway, I leave around 2:30pm,
I get to work and just start getting shit done!

Side Note: I don't know if I've mentioned that Special Girl Chris also works with me? Well she does and she just so happened to be working tonight.

So as I was saying, I'm getting my work done, I'm on a roll! Then Special Girl Chris shows up and distracts me for a few minutes, she's talking away. I'm trying to listen to her yet finish my work at the same time when I go to hit the "details" button and check my work, when really I hit the "delete" button and now everything is gone.

I wanted to cry, scream and punch her all at the same time.
Needless to say this set me back quite a bit.

I take a break and call Hubby, I let him know what happened and it's going to take longer than I planned. He sounds a bit distracted but I figured he was watching TV or on the computer...

Hubby: I'm hungry, what's for Dinner?

Bon Don: Tell one of the girls to make something for dinner,
since I'm stuck for a bit longer.

Hubby: Ok, but I'm hungry

Bon Don: Do you want me to pick something up on the way home then?

Hubby: Oooo yeah, but what?

Bon Don: Well what do you want? Jack's?

Hubby: Nah, it's ok... I'll get something here.

Bon Don: Ok sounds good.

Hubby: I'm hungry...

Bon Don: Are you drinking??

Hubby: *laughs* Can you tell? I'm feeling pretty good!
WHAT!?? It's my Saturday and I felt like having some beer!

Bon Don: *laughing* OK... well have fun! I'll see you in a bit.

Hubby: K! ... I'm hungry

Bon Don: BYE Babe.

I finally finish up, and head on home. I pull up to my house when I see Hubby standing outside on the porch, listening to blaring music on his cell phone smoking a cigarette. Hubby doesn't smoke, but when Hubby is drunk... Hubby smokes.

I walk up and I'm greeted by a big smile,
a swerving stance and blood shot eyes...

Yup he's drunk.


Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Oh! Have you kicked Special Girl Chris in the *ss yet for her distraction?!

And more importantly, was Hubby still hungry when you got home?

La Pixie said...

omg, I would have cried for sure! how long did it take you to redo it?

Kellie said...

That's hilarious! Well, at least hubby had a good Sunday Funday. Too bad you had to redo all that work. That would piss me off!! :)

The Loss Adjuster said...

Aw, that's so adorable! Your hubby rocks!

Himbo said...

Oh my ga, mira! Why porque he is no call me...

Ugh, sorry, my ghetto-fab cholo speak is so lame. I'm over it

You were pretty pissed when you called to let me know about the delete oopsie at work.

I'm sure BDC wasn't hungry for long after *you* got home... mmkay!


Gabby said...

OMG, hitting the delete button when you don't mean to is horrible! I hate that feeling!

I'm glad your hubby loves some Sunday Funday!

Bon Don said...

SSCJ: She was escorted away from my office! and when I got home he was too busy drinking & smoking to remember he was hungry :)

La Pixie: It took me about an hour & a half more, but it was faster then the first time!

Kellie: Yeah hubby was crackin' me up! He's been craving a good buzz for a couple of weeks now, so he deserved it!

TLA: Yes sir, he sure does! Never a dull moment!

Himbo: Mmmkay! You know how I like to take advantage of BDC any chance I get!

Gabby: I was horrified, but then I just laughed it off and said fuck it! Hubby does love him some Fundays! Yay we all get to meet up soon!!

Savvy Mode SG said...

sounds like your hubby had fun.

Somos Cinco said...

This is some funny stuff!
Gotta love a funny husband!
2 TVs in one room?! You guys need to adopt me (disregard the fact that I am already 24 years old). *jk*

Bon Don said...

Savvy: Oh he did, he loves a good buzz now & than... he was cracking me up the whole time!

Somos Cinco: I'd love to adopt you, but you'd have to fight with our Chihuahua for our attention or a piece of the bed! :)

Mr. Sainz said...

That sounds like a conversation my wife and i would have on a weekend... lol... how funny...

LipSmacker said...

Lol! That sounds like me when I'm drunk! Gotta love 'em!!! ;)