Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bon Don

Some of you might have wondered...
What the heck is a Bon Don?
Well "Bon Don" is my nickname.
My real name is Yvonne (pronounced "E-von")
I have lots of nicknames for some reason, here's a few of many...
"Bon Don"
"Bon Bon"

Secretly my favorite is Bon Don, mostly due to this cute cool kid...

This is my little "big" brother,
he 's younger but waaaay taller! (6' 4? not sure)

My brother & I are nine years apart,
so I took over as "Little Mother Hen" while my Momma was at work.
This meant I had lot's of quality time with my lil bro.
You see my brother was very hyper as a child, he was around 2 years old when he liked climbing from his high chair, then on top of the fridge just to jump off. I remember I would have to lean my mom's mattress over the foot of her bed frame (like a slide) and let him roll down over & over into a stack of pillows against the wall until he tired himself out.
When he finally settled down I would try to teach him words.
I started off with my name... I would say, "E-Von"
He would say, "Bon-Don"
I would say, "Eeee - Vonnn"
He would say, "Bonnn-Donnn"

This would go on for a while,
so from then on instead of trying to correct him,
my name just changed to Bon Don.
I liked it, because it was mine and so cute *smile*

Thanks for my super cool nickname Nocha!
(don't ask why I call him that) (yes ladies he's single)


The Loss Adjuster said...

Well, that makes more sense now... :)

Gabby said...

I'm really glad you posted this! I have to admit, I was wondering if Bon Don was your REAL name! And what a cute story :)

Yua sista said...

Awe Sally! Well I don't call you any of those names; I call you by your married name which sounds like an ugly, dorky girls first name! come to think of it I could call you by your old last name since it's your middle now. :-) Love ya lots!

Kellie said...

Cute! I always wanted a little brother. Too late now! :)

ReRe said...

cute story. but even cuter is that little brother! Damn Gina!


married lady

Bon Don said...

Gabby: I love it as a nickname but I'd slap my parents had they named me Bon Don!

My Sista: I love when you call me by my last name, I think it's snobby not dorky!

Kellie: just steal someone else's brother and past him off as yours...

ReRe: Watch out girl he loves him some women, he's a sucker for all shapes,sizes and AGES!

Himbo said...

He's not too hung up on gender either, from what I've heard.

Heh heh!


P.S. You spelled Yvoncé wrong. That is your most luxurious nickname.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Umm hello!

Is he single??

Bon Don said...

Himbo: I'll let you tell it!

Bow Chica: Yes he's single! :)

Gabby said...

K, HELLO, I'm single and in your neighborhood!


Far said...

*cough* im single... just sayin!!

no really... :P Maegan said...

aw, that's cute. I love my little big brother too. We're 6 years apart but I pretty much watched over him as well. I'm so happy to have gotten to grow up with a bro.

LBluca77 said...

I wish I had a little brother, but all I got was an older one that still thinks it is funny to try and give me noogies.

La Pixie said...

aww, thats a cute story! and your brothers pretty cute, too... how old did you say he was? ;)

Matt said...

Nocha? I know a word in spanish that ends with nocha...

I hope thats not why you call him that.