Saturday, December 27, 2008

End Scene

Finally it's over... all the eating, buying, spending.... and eating!

Who am I kidding, it was my idea to do all the eating!

This year we ditched both our family's. Usually we try and squeeze in my family on Christmas Eve and then we make our rounds on Christmas day to his family but not this year. We both worked on Christmas Eve so we used that as an excuse to stay home and not drive. We took the girls out to dinner, picked up some sweets on the way home and then we forced the girls to watch TV with us for the rest of the night.

Christmas day we opened gifts and munched on yummy food all day long.
This year we tricked our girls, we bought them all these random gifts from the .99 cents store and made them believe those were there gifts! HA!
I know, we're mean parents.

Finally when all hope was lost, we brought out one more bag with these little plastic wallets that had good old fashion CASH in it... they were very happy! Later Mz. Tapz came over with her tribe which is half of my God-Children, we watched movies and ate... again.

Last night when my BFF Himbo came back from The Tundra we all went shopping because the girls wanted to spend money, after shopping we came back here and had a nice bottle of wine, cheese & crackers and other yummy snacks. Apparently I was a boring date because Himbo fell asleep the entire time he was here, we had to start the movie over twice! Himbo went home and then Special Girl Chris came over at 11pm and we snuck out to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, when we left the theater it was 240AM! Who goes to the movies that late!?
Honestly Chris!

Anyway, that was my fabulous Christmas story,
I'm so ready for New Years. Bring on the Champagne!


Himbo said...
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Himbo said...

Omg you were an awesome date! I'm just comfortable enough around you to sleep, fart and snore. Really, I was just being hypo-glycemic on ya, and exhausted from The Tundra.

So... I have a problem. Because of you, I have watched the clip of Beyoncé singing "I'd Rather Go Blind" to Adrien Brody like 5 million times. I CAN'T STOP! It's all your fault. If I had a therapist, they'd prescribe I cease all interactions with you.

Love you, betch!

The Loss Adjuster said...

Trickery is always the best first step when it comes to gift giving. :)

LBluca77 said...

I am so glad Christmas is over. Time to get our New Years drink on!

Himbo said...

I'm with Lblucca77!

Yua Sista said...

I was this close to coming over tonight! It's FREEZING in that townhouse so I was on my way to drop the doggie ticket off to Carjuice and they told me I could just crash in D's room because he said it was too late to drive to CA! yes it's just as cold on your couch but it's warmer when I wear your husbands cloths and besides I really want just ONE more cupcake! We'll see, I don't need to be back to Cabo till next week, call you when I'm on my way. Love ya

La Pixie said...

you give cash for Christmas? will you adopt me?

oh, and when I have kids, Im totally gonna do that to them. ha ha

Bon Don said...

Himbo: That happens more than you know, I can be a bad influence sometimes!

TLA: Isn't it!

LBluca: woo hoo! 10,9,8,7...

My Sista: YAY! Come down!!

La Pixie: Yes we will adopt you :) and yes, playing all sorts of mean tricks on your children is it!hehehe