Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Rant

So I’m sitting here at my desk,
minding my own business trying to look productive
when I hear a horrendous sound coming from the hallway near my door.

It's a child.
Not your typical loud crying child,
but rather a possessed, blood curdling, screaming child!

I open the door and glance in the parent’s direction as to look like I’m asking
“If everything is alright”
when really I’m looking in their direction to say
“Really asshole!? You can’t hear that?”
And they are just sitting there ignoring the spawn of Satan like he’s not even making a sound.

WTF? …I hate people like that.

Not everyone can tune out your kid the way you can people.
Not everyone thinks it’s funny or cute.
Not everyone will tolerate it without wanting to choke or punch your child!

Normally I will call you out in public because I’m a jerk like that
and I will tell you to tend to your child or even use my mom’s favorite
“watch your kid before someone walks off with them!”

But I couldn’t do that at work. *insert sad face here* Instead I just had to politely smile, nod, return to my desk and wish chicken pox on the entire family.

Kidding! … Just on the parents.


Narm said...

How old was the kid? Depending on age I bet you could punt that fucker at least 10-15 yards. Maybe I'm wrong but I've got faith in you.

BDC said...

Fuck kids and their parents. it makes me sick when they let those little fuck jobs do what they wish. I say pinch the shit out of their wrist it hurts and it wont leave a mark.... I`m just sayin`

Bon Don said...

Narm: I'll tell you what, that little fucker was old enough to be punted 10-15 yards for sure!

BDC: Umm ouch my wrist hurts now, thanks for the demo!

Himbo said...

Lol! I can just imagine you screaming "A PLAGUE ON ALL YOUR HOUSEEEEEEES!" to them.

Wait a minute! Was the screaming asshole-kid about 5'6", Mexican and sporting some awfully luxurious hair? I might have had a little bf in the corridor today, someone pissed me off with one of their sales contracts. If the description matches, my baaaad?


MzTapz said...

Was that Jake?...

Remind me NOT to leave the chitlins at your guys house anymore! lol

ReRe said...

this is when you kill them with kindness with a splash of assiness. you walk over and go "oh my, you aren't on fire at all sweetie. from the sounds i was hearing, you would have thought you were really hurt. but nope, you are just yelling to yell."
i had to do that in Wal-mart the other day. let's just say that the rest of the trip was peaceful and i know other shoppers were thankful that i stopped the screaming coming from the soup aisle!

Kellie said...

Annoying! We have little screaming kids come in here every now and then too and I want to choke them into quietness. :)

GD said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment! I love your blog-- funny, this post is similar to something I wrote back in April:

Can't wait to read more!

MILFtastic said...

Thanks for the comment! Enjoy the blog.

Yua Sista said...

I am totally with you, I can't stand whiney kids and their parents especially since my kid was not a screamer but there are other type of parents parents with dogs - evil dogs from hell who bark at the door when you are sleeping on the couch- I wish chicken pox on THOSE TYPES of parents ALSO! Know what I mean?

Ron said...

Back where I come from (Cambodia), kid would've been sold long ago...

Miss Merry said...

oohh...that is SO frustrating. I mean, i know it's not your fault if your kid's throwing a tantrum, but to not even acknowledge the problem, or attempt to solve it, or at the very least remove the child from the room is SO infuriating.

Rachel said...

Usually if I'm in charge of watching a baby and it starts acting like that, I pick it up and run somewhere, preferably more noisy. I'd be embarrassed otherwise.

MILF--alicious said...

Baby punching is a sport that I might could in the Olympics in! :)

Only kidding any possible CPS workers that might blog stalk you! :D

Matt said...

I'm with Narm-

punt those little bastards.

Andy said...

I love that graphic, enough so that I want to see if I can make it a reality.

Bon Don said...

Himbo: At first I thought it was but than I realized his hair was not that luxurious.

MzTapz: I wouldn't either, now that Hubby put me up on game about pinching without leaving a mark!!

ReRe: I love you for that!

Kellie: "I want to choke them into quietness" LOL OMG! That's why we're BBF's!!

GD: Just read it...that was a great post!

My Sista: I have no idea what you are talking about!

Ron: LMAO, that was awesome!

Miss Merry/Rachel: I know right!? At least try and help the situation!

Milf-alicious: I'll be on your team!

Matt: Next time...those little bastards better watch it!

Andy: Do it! and post it on your blog if you do :)

Dingo said...

Just found your blog and based on this post alone I am adding you to my reader immediately. And in celebration of the New Year, I'm going to go out and punt a little fucker just for you.

Mr. Sainz said...

WOW!!!! poor kid... he probably had issues... and needed a hug or something... how mean and you want to punt him... all he needed was hug... poor thing... I'm never staying at the Hilton... lol...jk... i like that pinching thing though... i have lil cousins that need that over here...

LipSmacker said...

OMG, that totally happened the other day when I went to dinner with Car Boy, I was pissed. I was so ready to scream back at the family!!! ;)