Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Wet Hump Day

Dirty birdy's it's not that kind of "wet hump day" I mean It's cold and raining here, but I'm kind of happy and excited about it. The sound of the rain is so tranquil and the cool air is always a treat. All I've been wanting to do is fill up on warm drinks, baked goodies and hot soups (and I have)
This morning I was all snuggled up with the ultimate heat sources (Hubby & Blue) when I realized... I think I'm late!
Yup I'm late.
See the kids had a late start today which means they don't have to be at school till after 9am, which also means nobody woke me up on time since they were able to sleep in.
Yes, my children wake me up in the mornings. Don't hate.
Well instead of jumping out of bed and rushing, I took my sweet ass time!
I enjoyed a long hot shower... I sat on the sofa watching the rain through the window for about 15 minutes instead of putting on my make-up . I drove to work with hardly any traffic in the street blasting the most fabulous CD that Hubby made me, I even stopped for a breakfast croissant and chocolate milk.


Matt said...

When you said you were late I was thinking something else.

This was going to be a congratulations comment...but you ruined it by not being pregnant.


Himbo said...


MzTapz said...

Wateva!! Boo!

Gabby said...

I'm completely jealous. I was woken up by a duck outside my window screaming. Well. He/she probably wasn't SCREAMING, but it sure sounded like it.

Your family sounds so nice! I love it.

Don't you love how all the newscasters turn some rain into Storm Watch 2008? Like it's Noah's great flood or sumthin.

Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...

watching the rain for 15 minutes..reminds me of me in the morning, I totally zone out..I'm a night girl

Yua Sista said...

You are SOOOOO lucky you didn't say you staid home! I would have flown my happy ass back and chocked you with my own two bare hands!
(say it, please say it- I know it doesn't read the same but I love when you say it)
Since you insisted on going to work the ENTIRE time I was there!

Kellie said...

I was thinking you were a different kind of "late". :) And yes, I am jealous. I would love a croissant right about now.

Far said...

yeah dude dont say i was late in that way again lol unless you are indeed "late!"

Bon Don said...

Matt: I know, I'm an asshole like that sometimes.

Himbo: Right back atcha' Bitch.

Mz Tapz: Like i said, Don't Hate.

Gabby: #1. Why was there a duck screaming near your window?

#2. They are because I make them be!

#3. Wait... didn't we have a typhoon here yesterday?

FFD: I love to zone out all the time, except for when I'm driving it's kind of scary for my passengers.

My Sista: Aww you're so cute when you try to sound all tuff! :)

Kellie: Get one they are yummy!

Far: 10-4!

Dr Zibbs said...

Ahhhh. Long hot shower.