Monday, December 8, 2008

Oopsie (forgot to post this yesterday)

Man!! Bon Don has been super duper busy at work lately!
It's been taking up way too much of my time.
I ended up getting stuck working really late Friday night, we were super busy at work. I was about to past out when an angel appeared in the form of another manager I work with and she brought me this...

a yummy Sonoma Goat Cheese Salad
(organic arugula, radicchio, Belgian endive,caramelized walnuts, dandelion honey vinaigrette)

...and cheese cake. It made my night go a whole lot faster!

I love when people know they can win this fat girl over with food!


Far said...

OMG i want them both.. looks so yum!

His Sweetheart said...


I wanna get a bite of that cheeeese ;D

Kellie said...

That cheese cake is making me drool on my keyboard.

Yua Sista said...

mmmm....Only the cake - not the salad- of Course! I ate some thres leches the other day - the frosting SO DID NOT taste like the frosting from a wonderful cupcake! If I come over this month you so BETTER make me A cup cake - only One though!

La Pixie said...

ooh, I LOVE pretty food! Im too pick to eat it, but I love how it looks! =)