Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello My Name Is Bon Don And I'm An ???...

So today I was craving a Pop Rock Margarita.
Yesterday I was craving a bottle of wine...yes a bottle.
This pasted weekend, well you know what...
better yet, don't get me started on my last
"few" weekends of booze cravings.

What I'm saying is...

lately it kind of seems like Bon Don is a bit of a lush.

Yesterday I was talking to my Momma about my horrible day at work and how I was exhausted from only having 4 hours of sleep the night before and I just wanted to crack open a bottle of wine and relax.
I thought I'd get a sympathy "yeah, that's sounds like a good idea...
I hope you feel better"
Umm No, not so much.
She felt like it was the right time to try and be funny instead.
Her reply to me kind of went like this,
"How about no, it's late... you should go to sleep"
Me: "What!? Why? I want wine though"
Momma: "You don't need to drink today, you're tired remember!"
Me: "Are you calling me a drunk? Don't judge me lady!"
Momma: "I'm not judging you,
I'm just saying you've been drinking too much lately... wino"
Me: "Nice Momma... way to NOT judge me!"
*laughing... but kind of sad I was talked out of my bottle of wine*
Momma: *laughing at my sadness*
So on top of my own mother joking about how I've been being a "Wino"
I realize my "Status Updates" on Facebook are all about booze!
I come here and see all of my latest entries
and yup you guessed it... more booze!
I'm starting to see a pattern.
Actually, I'm really not a boozer (seriously)
I have my spurts.
Haha "spurts" kinds sounds like "squirts"
hahaa... *clears throat*
Sorry, back to pleading my case.
Like I said, I'm not really a boozer and in my Hubby's own words
"I just love the taste of alcohol and if I just so happen to get a good buzz in the just a bonus!"
I have my Rockstar moments of hanging out and having drinks, but I also have my very anti-social moments for sometimes months on end of just watching movies and relaxing or hanging out with God-children and being an all around awesomely sober person.
So what I'm saying is don't bother rounding up fellow bloggers and "scaring me straight" with an intervention or anything.
Your Bon Don is just fine, I promise!
But for now, I will enjoy my "spurt" of wanting to be social and go out, which comes with the added bonus of wanting to enjoy a few good drinks. Right!? ... right!
Side Note: You will be happy to know that tonight Himbo just so happen to call me and ask what I was up to at the right moment...
convo went like this

Himbo: What's up bitch what are you doing tonight?

Me: nothing just relaxing, what are you doing?

Himbo: Having a few glasses of wine, come over!
Me: Me: Mmm Wine! I wanted to crack open my bottle
yesterday but I was discouraged.
Himbo: Come over I'm on my second glass and I'm kind of hungry
Me: Ooooo I have a better idea, let's go to Joe's and get
Pop Rock Margarita's and you can eat there!
"Trusty Drunk Sidekick Himbo": Done! Let's roll.
I got my PRM and I'm a happy girl right now!


Reggie Magz said...

Ha, I just went to Joe's Crabshack last Sunday and saw a Pop Rock Margarita. Though I didn't have any of it, I just ordered a Beach Bum Tea. Well don't get discouraged, my ex-roommate is a wino, and I personally don't think he's an alcoholic. Wine is great after a long day, or just to relax. You don't get drunk, you just feel good. So drink up and be merry! Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, just been pretty busy. Take care.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

I post drunk facebook status's then delete them.

I love delete

Nickie. said...

I've never heard of a pop rocks margarita! Looks yummy tho!!!

The Loss Adjuster said...

Pop Rock Margarita? I must try this abortion at some point! ;) said...

Drinking by non alcoholics is seriously UNDERRATED.
Good on ya girl!

Jillian said...

LOL that's what friends are for lol

But I love how you've blogged out loud your rationalization of not being a lush...


Himbo said...

bon Don someone told me they thought I drank too much, too! They're trippin though.

P.S. That Pop Rocks Margarita was delish! Although when I got home I had Pop Rocks in my hair, on my shirt, jeans, even my face (I had one stuck on the side of my neck)!

SheBloggs said...

Pop Rock Margarita! Courtney was telling me about those! I want one! They look SO YUMMY.. and the gummy bear shot.. aaaannnd the Pear Spa Martini..

I'm learning all these new dranks from you.. keep em

Hanako66 said...

Pop Rock Margarita? Yes please.

I guess I'm going to Joe's this weekend...

Gabby said...

We're on the same wavelength. I was just thinking about how I might need to cut back on the booze...but a pop rock margarita?? Sounds amazing!

Kellie said...

That margarita looks EXCELLENT. I too can be a lush at times. But it's all in good fun. :)

La Pixie said...

I dont do well with tequila, so I cant have one! but I want one!

okay... so... yeah... Im just gonna get one. lol. you make them sound irrestistible.

Maxie said...

Um that looks like the most delicious drink in all of creation.

Anonymous said...

i dont have a drinking problem either. i have no problem with drinking. none at all. *glug glug glug*