Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Update

After I left work, I went home and lounged for a bit. Actually we waited for Jo (my daughter) to get home from work before we headed out for the night, usually the whole family comes to our house for Holidays ESPECIALLY 4th of July, but this year we went to "Mom's" (Hubby's Grandma) house instead. We hung out with The Tap's family and the rest of Hubby's aunts, uncles and cousins and had lot's of yummy food, the kids were enjoying all the fireworks. I swear every neighbor must have robbed Disneyland because it was an awesome sky display!

Music was playing so of course all of our crazy kids started dancing, it was so funny they were all being silly they had us crackin' up! Darla and I started talking about the "new generation" which are our kids now, they are the teenagers who all hang out together...while us old folks sit around talking all night like our mom's and aunts used to. So weird.

Anyway after we left Mom's house The Taps Family came over with Special Girl Chris and my oldest God-son Vince, and we all went swimming in the middle of the night. Himbo even came over! My "night" didn't end till 6am and I wasn't even drinking!

I didn't really get to sleep in very much because we had 9 house guests... yes 9. And that's not including us.

Hubby and I went to the grocery store to load up on BBQ supplies for the day. We had my brother in-law & sister in-law come over with my nieces and nephew, we had my cousin's girlfriend come over with her girls, we had Hubby's cousins Monique & Felicia, and Himbo come back over. So basically we had a full house or should I say full backyard?

Everyone swam and ate...but the best part was our balloon fight rematch, I forgot to post pictures of last weekend, but Hubby wanted to have a huge water balloon fight in the front yard, it was all the kids against adults... kids won. It was SOOO much fun, but we were exhausted! This time there were MORE balloons and more kids... well more teenagers to be exact.

I chose to video tape the whole thing from across the street this time, Aww man it was great, my Hubby is so fun, all the kids had a blast. Anyway the rest of the night ended up the same way again, everyone in the pool till the middle of the night...and once again my "night" ended this time at 5am. Still no drinking.


Jo made Pozole first thing in the morning...Did I mention that both of my girls cook and clean like pros? Oh yes they do!
Anyway Jo woke up early in the morning put it to cook and the next thing I knew I was wide awake because the house smelled sooo good!
Once again kids swam, we lounged and ate. It was nice and breezy so Hubby and I went outside to watch the kids swim and we ended up falling asleep outside...after Hubby woke up he went in side, I stayed outside on the hammock sleeping while my honorary God-daughter played with my hair, it was the best nap EVER!
After the Taps headed home we all went outside to clean up the backyard, after a job well done we worked up an appetite and met up with Himbo at Red Robin for a burger.


Yua sista said...

awe what a wonderful weekend! I miss home, at least D will get to be with the not so normal- normal family soon. :-). on a funny note I bet people will read your blog and think your joking when you say the neighbors probably robbed disneyland! :-)ha ha funny blog girl being silly! ;-)

Himbo said...

Jo's pozole is the BOMB! I am so spoiled... Yua Sista: Don't hate, don't hate on me, don't hate on me.

jk :)~