Saturday, July 19, 2008

Margo's Day Out Part 1

It all started at Himbo's when we were watching a documentary about the Mission in San Juan Capistrano and I mentioned I'd like to go on a tour and check them out since they're so close and I have never been.

I know, I know... it's like a right of passage here for every elementary school-er in Southern California... But I guess I must have ditched school the day of the field trip or something.

Hubby is very familiar with all of south county and knows all the little fun stuff out there from his Airborne Express/DHL days. So he said he would take me out and be my tour guide one day.

So finally one Saturday Hubby woke up and said ...
"Let's go, I'm taking you girls out today."

Sounds good to me.

We ended up driving out to San Juan Capistrano, The Mission to be exactOh it was so much fun...

So much history...
So much slave labor...I mean more history.

Hubby even sang us a hymn in church...
something like "Ahaah AhhAh haalrigghtyy then"

There were statues...*This one kind of leaves it open to interpretation... a little Indian boy, kind of looking like his being forcefully held by Padre over there...humm? ...kidding guys, kidding!*

Ok back to the pictures...
My favorite part was the beautiful gardens, and all the pretty flowers

a beautiful lotus flower

Koi fish...

and a cute bird house?
After the mission we went to Old Town SJC
walked around check out the old little houses and the Tea House.

threw Jo in jail...

hung out with all these guys at the petting zoo
It was a wonderful day... however it didn't end there.

I'll post Part 2 of our "Margo Day Out" tomorrow.

Till then...Smooches!

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Yua sista said...

OK I went to school less than you did and I some how went to SJC twice!!! funny enough I don't remember anything about it besides the outdoor hallways and where we went to have lunch the second time.