Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Slide Adventure

A couple of weeks ago when my Uncle Doobie had his liver transplant
(by the way he's doing great...he's even trying to dance around now!)
me and my momma went to go see him at the hospital when
we drove by this family fun center and my mom said
"Oh I used to love going on those slides before!"
So I said "You wanna go on? If you're down I'm down!"
and she actually said "Heck yeah I'm down, turn around!"
So we did!
We asked the ticket girl to take these shots with my camera phone.
We went to the top and laughed the whole time,
then my mom said "I'll race you down!"
She beat me.
LOVE this lady!
(I look like I'm holding my breath or something!)

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Big Dick Crip from Santana Compton said...

HaHa you all look to many funnies....WEEEEEEEEEEE