Sunday, July 20, 2008

Margo's Day Out Part 2

After SJC we took a wonderful drive down the coast! Anything beach related is my most favorite thing in the universe! We drove down the coast from
Laguna Beach to Huntington State Beach.
I made Hubby pulled over a couple of times
so I can get some good water shots.
This one is my favorite. The water looked so pretty I made it my wallpaper today.

We cruised around the island and checked out the cute little houses that I would love to one day live in!

This view is co cute, I love the way Ferris Wheel looks, so carnival-ish!

This view was even better, Hubby is yummy.

After all long afternoon out & about we headed home to relax. We had such a good time, I think we'll have to do it again sometime. Thanks for coming along on our family day out!


MzTapz said...

I wanna go !!

MzTapz said...

I wanna go !!

Yua Sista said...

What a wonderful day out with the family! The photo's are beautiful and the Margo's look great! Love ya all!!!
oh and like mztapz said I wanna go!!!

Elka from Poland said...

The Margo Family looks so fun to be around! From your photo's California looks gorgeous with it's beautiful clear BLUE skies and BLUE water! Here in Poland the skies are not so blue because of all the smog and the water not so blue because of all the oil and pollution! How lovely, thank you for sharing!!!