Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Food Journal...

Does anyone really have the time? Really?

There is not enough paper to write down all the crap I consume!

Just as of 2:00pm today:
Morning - Honey Nut Cheerios (about 1 cup & 1/2)
Jug of Water
Lay's Sour Cream & Chives Chips (Large Snack Bag)
Glass of Raspberry Iced Tea
Bowl of Buttered Soaked Carrots & Green Beans
Salad with Ranch Dressing
Egg Salad Sandwich on White (I know bad girl!)
AND I'm craving chocolate...
so I'll probably be adding THAT to my list too!
and who knows what I'll be making for dinner...
I'm so screwed.


Yua sista said...

When I woke up at 130pm I ate a left over porkchop with BBQ sauce and 5 oreo type cookies. At 5 I ate spaghetti with more sauce than any one person needs and shhhh don't tell but when I ran to walmart (I didn't run, it's 15 miles away..remember the only store around) I stopped at DQ (the only fastfood in this little itty bitty town (I do not exagerate) and had an ice cream cone! :-) I feel like I ate a lot today although it does not sound like much I really had a lot of spaghetti!

Darla said...

Well......I had a bowl of Jo's pozole for lunch. Yes, im still eating it ! Dinner I had a beef bowl. das all. Today will be a different day, cuz im starvin like marvin !

Himbo said...

Yua sista, WTF! Where do you live girl friend? Das how you roll in da dirty souf hah.

Marvin, I mean Darla, you crack me up!

I skipped breakfast but I had about 3 large cups of coffee. I had a Thai shrimp salad for lunch, t'was aight. For my first dinner, I had a bowl of frijoles de la hoya - and I won't drop any names (who do I sound like?) but someone I happen to roll deep with, cough... BonDon... cough... and I went to Taco Bell, after a certain cindy-jo cleaned my apartment. There I had a strawberry Frutista, nachos sans meat and a taco sans meat.

Yua Sista said...

Himbo you totally sounded like BonDon! :-) You guys need to have tacos "a va por"-I-don't-know-how-to-spell-that for me because I am starving for them. OK so what is with the child slave labor? :-)

Himbo said...

Close enough, it's "Al Vapor".

Lol! Isn't that what kids are for? jk... Cindy Jo loves her some Himbo, she feels luxurious when she's in my presence so she offered to come over and clean my apartment twice per week. I have the most LUXURIOUS maid in the world!! No, not really. Cindy Jo is gonna come over whenever she feels like it and I am totally gonna pay her with Hollister and wine... I mean grape juice. I love Cindy Jo!!