Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nothing Better To Do At Work!

At work Dula Dip and I are always making frequent trips to the employee cafeteria to load up on water and Raspberry Iced Tea... usually we would have to carry up to 3 cups each, but instead of wasting cups everyday Dula Dip bought us both cute little matching green jugs.

Now with our cute little jugs
(hahaha "jugs" shut up Reina!)
we don't have to make so many trips back and forth,
now it's only about twice a day.
Well one day Dula Dip left her poor little defenseless jug
up at our reception area. It just so happened that we
had a Jug Napper in our mists that day...
I received a call from someone asking if I had left my jug at the reception area, I looked over and seen my little guy sitting safely on my desk so I said "No I have mine, that must be Dula Dips little guy" the caller then proceeded to laugh just like this: Muuhhaahhh...
About an hour later Dula received this letter & picture on her desk:
(by the way the finger they are talking about it one of those giant #1 fans foam finger)
Dula Dip assumed it had to be Reina Bee
so she marched right up to Reina Bee's desk
with scissors in her hand waving them around...
Dula Dip: "Where is it? I know you have it!"
Reina Bee: What are you talking about?
Dula Dip: You have my jug, give it back!
(Dula starts cutting Reina Bee's papers on her desk with the scissors and walks away)
Reina Bee still claimed her innocents!
Then this email was sent to Dula Dip...
It was sent from an made up email address "juggnapperdotcom"
Dula Dip did not meet the jug nappers demands so she went without her jug for a few days... then she was getting angry and thirsty and didn't really speak to us at lunch when we would ask her if she had heard anything from the "nappers"
I guess the jug napper gave up
because later that afternoon the hostage was released.


Sonia said...

I'm sure glad the "Juggnappers" decided to release the hostage! Dula would have been devastated!

yua sista said...

awe photo's reminded me of punta..... you should tell napper to debate him ;-). I'm glad she got her jug back although I much rather had heard more of a fun not to play along! ;-)