Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is my Cindyjo
a.k.a. "Conceited Daughter"

Cindyjo will be attending her first school dance ever...actually it's her commencement dance. Cindyjo is very excited, last night we did a practice run with hair & make-up. I promise it will be more "put together" for the actual night. It was the best I could do. It was late. I was tired.

Don't get me started on the dress! This was number "7" on our list but she wanted this dress for whatever reason, so we will not say anything bad about the dress. I did enough venting yesterday so I will not ruin her moment... Oh but how badly I wanted the other dress. Oh well... my complaining didn't matter to her anyway, obviously she loved it.

She was posing all night for pictures.


Darla said...

she must be related to muah !lol

Bon Don said...

Yes, you are "Conceited Cousin"!!

yua sista said...

aweeee she looks so pretty just like cousin Darla! :-)

Stephanie said...

Your daughter is gorgeous. I think her hair and makeup look great! Nice job, Ma! :-)