Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Game Show Fans and Players!

So last night I watched Wipe Out and I Survived a Japanese Game Show on ABC and it was funny! I was out of breath by the time each show went to commercial, I was so into it... I was yelling and cheering and just being a dork. Those contestants had stamina! I was jealous.

Then I started reminiscing about Double Dare from the 80's & 90's.

Oh man, I always wished I could be on that show! It was the best...a game show with obstacle courses and slime. I always wanted to pick that giant nose with the slime in it, to look for the orange flag. *giggle*

Being the regressed adult that I am, I always take my daughters to T.V. Show taping's for Nickelodeon like (Slime Time, Just Jordan and Groove Nation) because I always wanted to do that growing up.

Jo is my little choreographer so when Groove Nation sent out a casting call for dancers and audience members the girls were there with dancing shoes on. I wasn't allowed to take pictures there but they were on 2 different shows.

Anyway, it started off as just taking them to being in the audience for Slime Time... to my older daughter Jo making friends with the host Little JJ (he liked her after the show he would hang out with the girls and play basketball and show off for them) then they became phone buddies so he would always put their names on the guest list for future tapings for Slime Time and his new show Just Jordan.

One day Cindyjo got picked to participate on Slime Time and SHE WON!!! It was so much fun and she got Slimed at the end of the show... my dream come true at least for my kids.

Here are some pictures of Cindyjo getting slimed after she won the show.

The pictures are a little weird because I was sitting here with all the other contestants parents who were also stashed behind the set taking pictures from a T.V.

At least I can vicariously live through my girls and pretend to be a game show contestant!


Darla said...

I totally member watching Double Dare at El Rey in unlce Fenny's room! haha

That show was the BOMB!

Yua Sista said...

We need to go on the Nickelodeon cruise...that's the next one Im trying to take Daniel to before he is to old.