Monday, June 23, 2008

Game Night at Himbo's

Game Night at Himbo's house consists of:


(This is Himbo's living room...cute huh!)

Cheese & Crackers, and Yummy Grapes

Oh Yeah and the Game!

Add some drunk friends to the picture and Oh man it's a fun night!

Himbo is quite the host, last game night we had a wonderful pasta dinner, garlic toast, an apple walnut salad and plenty of Vino!
Himbo is all about ambiance of course, so with Marilyn, Audrey and James Dean looking on. Candle light flickering and Andrea Bocelli playing in the background we were in store for a lovey evening... then the vino kicked in and the decimal octaves in the room went crazy!
Sure we actually attempted to play the game (which is always a fun game) but laughing, talking and drinking seemed way more fun!
The reason I bring this up is because game night is creeping up this week and I can't wait. So I'll be posting some fun pictures for you soon!


Darla said...

Yah, rub it in, since I wont be able to make this Thursday !

Yua Sista said...

AWE I wish I could be there, I am missing all the fun all the time!!! while I live in little old Little wussie! I love Audrey! I would totally be an Audrey if I did not instead decide to be a total white trash red neck in little wussie! Love ya