Friday, June 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance / "Wine Tasting"

It all started innocently enough, Himbo sent out a flyer saying to come over and watch So You Think You Can Dance and sample some wines... We had a yummy spread of snacks to nibble on, my favorite were those marinated olives on the left from Catal, Himbo picked them up from Downtown Disney on the way home from work... they were sooooo good! Mmmmm

We thought this bottle was super cute so it was our first victim. It was actually really tasty! I would get it again, and the cork was adorable too.

This was my view, the world is just not right unless we have Andrea Bocelli playing in the background at Himbo's house... he's really passionate about his singing right Reina?! *wink wink*

These are the cool kids...

Top Row: Reina Bee, Dula Dip, Yvoncey that's me...(pronounced "E-Von-Say"...aka BonDon)

Second Row: And-Dee, Himbo and Sandy (hiding)

More cool kids (cause they are mine... Cindyjo and Jo)

Everything Got quiet when we watch the best dance EVER
This one!
I think we made Himbo rewind it like 8 times! It was so beautiful.
This was my favorite part.

These guys never stood a chance with us around!

The aftermath...

So today we are all complaining that our hair even hurts, but hey we all made it to work...and some of us on time too. There were lot's of pictures of the rest of the night, like Jo demonstrating on Reina how to slam someone on the hood of a car and tell them to not resist arrest... Reina tackling Dula Dip so she wouldn't leave, And-Dee getting so inspired from the show that he started dancing... Sandy playing fashion show and modeling her pretty new dresses... but if you want to see all of that you need to join us next Thursday and experience it for yourself!

Himbo you are a wonderful host, we all had a wonderful night I can't wait till next Thursday!
P.S. Don't leave us Himbo.


Stephanie said...

Fun pictures! Wine, snacks, and reality tv = a good night, I think! Looks like you all had a good time.

Bon Don said...

We did! and believe me we are ALL paying for it today... Anytime you're near Disneyland on a Thursday night, come on over!

yua sista said...

Glad you guys had fun, definitely do not want himbo to leave, all I can see in the pictures is Sandy's hand. ;-)

MY compa's biggest fan said...

are you married? You never seem to talk about your fabulous husband! I am sure if you had a husband he would be perfect! so do you because you NEVER EVER EVER seem to talk about him....why is that? Are you embarrassed by him...I am sure if you have one he is the most handsome of all so what's up with that? If I had your husband I would talk about him and put pictures up of him ALL the time...but I would also feed him and rub his feet too. (LOL) if only I could have had a chance, shucks, I guess that is what I get for being in another country marrying someone else at the time!

Himbo said...

We had so much fun that night. And ever Thursday night! I cant wait for this season to start!!