Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Girls Night Out.

So last Friday me, cousin Darla & special girl "Chris" went to the movies to go and see Sex and the City!

AAHHH Loved it! Love these bitches! Loved the Labels. Loved it!

We had a blast, our girls night out started off with Darla & Chris coming over to pick me up and let me tell you theses bitches were dressed up to the nines with label whore attire, from the heels to the bag! I opted for sandals (hey they were sparkly) and my Dooney & Burke purse (no Channel for me ...yet) Oh and I even left my hair down, that's all the glam they got out of me!

So we head out to the Block (sheez I know it seems like that's the only place I go, but it's so close) get to the AMC and prepare for a fabulous movie! By the way there are some good looking chick flicks coming out the summer... anyway movie on...applause and cheering for the characters, laughter...tears...more laughter and more over and more applause. so wonderful.

Of course we worked up an appetite while sitting down and watching a movie, so we scurried off to Koji's for some Shabu Shabu and drinks. My Hubby was great and watched all the kids (ours and Darla's... which Darla's are "ours" too since they are our God-children) while we went out so it was only fair he ditch them too and meet up with us for a late dinner (he LOVES Koji's) Dinner was great, it was fun to make Darla and Chris try and use chopsticks! It was so sweet the way they were concentrating, after a while they both got the hang of it and were able to enjoy thier meal...needless to say I think I have some more Koji's partners in crime! After dinner we were to full to have any dessert so we headed home, we agreed to meet back at my house the next day to celebrate "Chris's" birthday (more on that later) It was good hanging out with my bitches!

SIDENOTE: Ok, so I really need to stop doing this! I go days without posting anything, and it's a really bad habit. I get so busy during the day that I can't just sit here and update when I want to and when I have time I'm at home without Internet access! (long story) Anyway I'm going to try real hard to drop in as often as possible from now on... really.... this time I mean it. really.


Stephanie said...

I haven't been to the Block in awhile! I want to see Sex and the City. Loved the show, so I'm sure the movie's great.

Yua sista said...

I LOVE Koji's too!!! Hey you know I am not sure if I mentioned it in the other more recent comments BUT NO Joie can not dye her hair! NO! You better not have's midnight here in GA but tomorrow I am totally calling MOM and my Compa this is crazy madness I tell you! Kids driving, hair dyeing WHAT THE hell is going on over there - what is in your WATER?