Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prep & Hang Time with Himbo

So yesterday Himbo and I did some running around preparing for tonight's fun plans!
Tonight Himbo will be hosting a T.V. and Wine Night at his house after work, so we had to run over to the other side of OC for some shopping
... I love Ikea
We needed to buy more wine glasses,
it's essential to have plenty on hand to keep up with the cool kids demand of alcohol!

After working up an appetite shopping for glasses and other miscellaneous items we stopped at South Coast Plaza for some dinner... we were really hungry, so we opted for huge servings at Claim Jumper!

Himbo had the Sea Bass and I had the Chicken Parmesan. Dinner was freakin' excellent, sorry the picture came out really bad but I had to hurry and only take one because Himbo would have stabbed me with his fork if I made him wait any longer to take another picture of his food.

After Dinner we hit BevMo and loaded up on lot's of Wine... don't tell anyone but we picked a couple of bottles of wine based solely on the label *giggle*

As we drove home blaring Katy Perry, we both confessed we wanted to crack open a few bottles of wine NOW! But we didn't. Boooo.

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yua redneck sista said...

HOW FUN and how jealous am I that himbo gets to go on missions with you. I miss my sister, I MISS MY SISTER! Ah and also in little wussy, we do not have an Ikea, we do not have a claim jumper, or a south coast plaza, or a Bevmo. did you just ask what do we have OH we have and IGA, a dollar general and a really dirty looking dairy queen! Oh we also have lots and lots of big bugs. AH I totally hate himbo just on default! :-)... but I do love that he makes my sister and my brother in law very happy! Love you guys!