Thursday, June 5, 2008

Disinfectant Day

I almost forgot how good this stuff is!

Yesterday I was really in the mood to do something about my yucky mildew in the shower, so I ended up recruiting my younger daughter "Cindyjo" to help me out with the lower places that I didn't want to reach for like the soap dish and the bottom of the shower doors.

We went into that restroom fully armed...

gloves. check.
sponges. check.
old toothbrushes. check.
containers for the bleach. check.
We immediately began to see results, everything was just washing away it was lovely. Don't get me wrong my entire restroom needs a renovation regardless! I mean literally knock it down and rebuild... but this will have to do for is just a little brighter now! But I could just slap myself when I think of how much money I spend on expensive household cleaners when I could of just used bleach this whole time...screw "Tilex" and all those other unnecessary cleaners.
Yay Bleach!
My hubby says he loves the smell of a house being cleaned with bleach because growing up in his house that's what they used to really scrub and disinfect everything, I remember my grandma used to always use bleach when she cleaned, her hands would always smell like bleach.

See for me it was Pine-Sol. mmmm

When I was little my Mom would turn on some music and clean, clean, clean. Yup, Etta James, Smokey Robinson and Mary Wells blaring in the background with every window and door open for a nice breeze mixed with the smell of whatever was slow cooking on the stove for that night's dinner. She would sing and dance and clean... Aww man, it feels so good when you deep clean your house and you can just sit and bask in the fruits of your labor, it feels so fresh and relaxing.


Stephanie said...

I love Pine-Sol. It reminds me of my mom cleaning when I was growing up too!

Vinegar reminds me of my Grandma. She cleaned everything with vinegar.

Now that your house is all spic and span, feel free to come on over and do mine!

yua sista joies godly motha said...

OH hey by the way have I mentioned NO JOIE can not dye her hair! NO NO NO. She can hate me now she will love me later that she waited to do that mess. I say NO and if I need to call my compa I WILL! I say NO.